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Spelling Lesson Plans

Clifford Said:

I need a Makaton lesson plan?

We Answered:

You can contact The Makaton Charity for details of their Makaton Taster training - 01276 681368 or email [email protected]

Troy Said:

What is the relevance of this lesson? ?

We Answered:

It's exposure to the Deaf culture. It's also showing another form of communication but without using oral communication. Sign language is a visual representation of words and concepts. Fingerspelling the words is the most basic form of communication in sign language.

Wilma Said:

spelling lesson plan?

We Answered:

Storm - First of all, don't get discouraged. If your non-native child just came to you, he or she is already ingrained in their native language. Have patience, start with ABC's, sounds, linking together syllables and reading simple books like Dr. Seuss. Talk to your child only in English and teach them to spell every new word they learn to say. Remember, some people cannot pronounce our consonants (i.e. some Japanese immigrants have difficult saying "r" and "l" in English). I did this with an ESL class and it worked really well.

Marvin Said:

teacher help! social stuides,language,spelling,reading?

We Answered:

Do you mean you teach in schools? You have a degree? Certification?

I only ask because your spelling and grammar are very poor, and part of your training should have been learning how to find resources. It is hard to imagine that you have met the requirements to pass college courses, or recieve certification, so I wonder perhaps if you are teaching in a less formal setting, such as homeschooling or tutoring. Knowing this would help people direct you to the resources that would most meet your needs.

There are literally thousands of web sites for teachers... far too many to list here.

It would be a lot easier to direct you to resources if you llisted the topics and the student grade level. Civil War lesson plans for 7th graders, for example. You can actually find a lot with a simple google search.

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