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Swim Lesson Plans

Terri Said:

Teaching private swim lessons?

We Answered:

Start off by figuring out where he is, having him do floating, streamline, kicking, etc., until you find out where he is, then go from there. If he's not too good, work on the basics for freestyle and backstroke. If he's intermediate, work on building up freestyle and backstroke, then on butterfly and breaststroke. If he's advanced, teach him what you know, you're a club swimmer, so you should be able to pass a lot of knowledge on to him.

Mattie Said:

Could I become a career firefighter without knowing how to swim?

We Answered:

There are few fire departments that require you to be able to swim. It may be a requirement to become a diver or on the rescue or other specialized jobs within the department, but most departments will not ask you about your swimming skills to be hired.
You sure can be a certified firefighter without swimming.

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