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Teacher Lessons Plans

Cheryl Said:

paper work, planning lessons, are there any teacher who can help me?

We Answered:

Summers off, tons of holidays and done by 3:30, how bad can it be?

Joan Said:

When you're a teacher, do YOU plan all the lessons?

We Answered:

"I was wondering if you, the teacher, have to come up will all the lesson plans yourself and just follow the grade guidelines"

I'm afraid so kiddo, you're pretty much on your own when it comes to creating lesson plans. You may have an adviser (during your practice teaching ) who may give you tips but you need to come up with the ideas and the plan yourself.

In your lesson plan you need to know not only what you plan to teach as per guidelines) but how you're going to teach it. How will you introduce the concept? What will your objective(s) be? What outcome (s) are you wanting to accomplish? What materials and equipment (manipulatives, workbooks etc) will you need? Will you be using the overhead or chalkboard? Will the students be grouped or in rows? Will there be hand outs? What guided practice (seat work) will you be expecting them to do.

You might want to drop into a few schools and see how experienced teachers set up their lesson plans.

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