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Teaching English As A Foreign Language Lesson Plans

Randall Said:

I teach English as a foreign language and go abroad alot and am thinking of buying a net book.?

We Answered:

Absolutely. That's what they're best at- carrying around files, using them for Internet stuff (i.e. Skype), and other not-processor-or-graphics intensive stuff.

Joshua Said:

Teaching English as a foreign language to a 3 yr old for two hours X 4 days a week, any tips/ideas?

We Answered:

i found that rosetta stone is an awesome way to teach children another language. they show then picture and say it in the new language they are learning. this is a very natural way to learn cuz its the same way we all learned our native language by ppl pointing and telling us what things are, for example in english it will show a picture of a cat and say "cat" after a bit when she sees a picture or a cat she will think "cat" maybe try to throw in some of this type of learning. has the software and it is appropriate for all ages.

Zachary Said:

Writing activity for English as a foreign language class?

We Answered:

The thing is here is that since it's a one-to-one lesson there's little point in you sitting there watching him write. This is the kind of activity which is best done as homework so you can use your classroom time to go over the written work and look at problems, ideas and so on.

That being said, if you need to write in class then keep the activity simple and to the point. You could, for example, give cloze tests to practice certain elements of English.

Matthew Said:

Recommend a book for teaching English as a foreign language?

We Answered:

try this link you will find many downloadable books

Naomi Said:

Teaching english as a foreign language to Kindergardens aged 5-6 ?

We Answered: - it has plenty of games and online activities for kids! - lets you make online games and activities plenty of resources.

Hope this helps! : )

Dwayne Said:

will you please help me to teach my 10 years pupils a lesson about farm life in a motivating way. thank you?

We Answered:

Farms are not funny or interesting. Farms are cruel places where animals are tormented and killed every day, and where people work HARD, for long hours, below minimum wage, at great risk of SEVERE personal injury.

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This is the kind of activity which is best done as homework so you can use your classroom time to go over the written work and look at problems, ideas and so on. said:

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This is the kind of activity which is best done as homework so you can use your classroom time to go over the written work and look at problems, ideas and so on.

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