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Teaching English Lesson Plans

Marjorie Said:

I am an education major in college and I have to make a lesson plan, I am teaching an English lesson.....?

We Answered:

Do a search on lesson plans on the computer, there are a lot of good sites and they offer ideas and even print outs. They are also broken down into age groups.
If you want to make a puzzle , go to You can make crossword puzzles, word searches and others. You just type the words and it does the rest for you.

Frank Said:

Teaching English one to one lesson plan?

We Answered:

The full lesson plan is available through the following link:

Carrie Said:

What are the advantages of planning a lesson over an unplanned lesson in teaching English?

We Answered:

OK, so I am not an english teacher - I teach chemistry.

Organization is the key to success. An organized teacher knows exactly what all students are doing at all times, what they have done and where they need to be going next. Lesson plans allow for teachers to ensure they are covering all outcomes that need to be taught. They allow for planning for differentiation of instruction. You may only ever refer to your lesson plans as you are writing them, or right before a lesson, however, the plans and thoughts are still in your mind.

A teacher without lesson plans has a class that is disorganized and teachers without a definite plan and sequence are more likely to have classroom management issues. Students need structure and clear and defined outcomes and boundaries.

This does not mean that you need to stick to your lesson plan to the minute - a good teacher knows how to deal with the tangents that arise mid lesson and go with them or steer students back to the designated path.

The longer you have been teaching the less you need detailed lesson plans - you may just keep a daily diary with a couple of sentences penned for each lesson.

As a teacher - always remember the biggest responsibility in your classroom is your students and their future.

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