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Teaching Lesson Plans

Rhonda Said:

I plan on teaching next year and have a question about lesson plans.?

We Answered:

Lesson planning was my most time-consuming task when I started teaching. So you're smart to start thinking about where all of those plans will come from.

Certainly teachers teaching the same subject(s)/grade level you teach will be a valuable source. So making associations with similar teachers, regardless of the schools they work at, will be very valuable to you.

To start, identify the units you will be teaching. Plug the lessons you already have into those units. Then you'll have a good idea of what you still need.

In addition to other teachers, your state's education website and other lesson planning websites have excellent resources.

I've written up a list of the top 12 websites I've used for lesson planning. You'll find reviews and links to them here:

Many subject-matter websites for kids also have lesson plans and activities for teachers. There is an extensive listing on The left-side menu guides you to the subject area, and to Teacher Tools, with many more lesson planning resources:

Good luck with your first year!

Rose Said:

what are good lesson plans for teaching children dance?

We Answered:

You can have a schedule like this...

* First Class*

- Introduce yourself

- Have all of the kids introduce themselves

- Warm ups

- Do Stuff Across the Floor

- Combination

* Second Class, Third Class, Etc. *

- Ask how Everyone is Doing and see what is Going on

- Warm Up

- Do Stuff Across the Floor

- Combinations/Dances

Good Luck and Happy Dancing!

Megan Said:

Any ideas for lesson plans for teaching about the atmosphere and weather? Thanks from a first year teacher?

We Answered:

The layers and what can be found in each layer.

Martha Said:

Why should educators differentiate their teaching style and lesson plans?

We Answered:

In any single class, there will be students who have different learning styles. Some have to see a word written down. Some remember what they hear. Others remember visual images. And some need kinetic experiences. Many students learn words set to music more easily.

As you say, there are also different types of intelligence, including musical intelligence, artistic and right-brain appreciation.

Apart form all that, it's more stimulating (less boring) to have variety.

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