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Template Lesson Plan

Brian Said:

Need transcript info please!?

We Answered:

There's several transcripts you can try on this site:…

Hope this helps

Joe Said:

Need help???????????????

We Answered:

Go on the Ralph Allen School Site.
It has lots of help on it.

Daniel Said:

Teacher in training, need help please!?

We Answered:

here is the way I think of it:

Objective: student will drive a car.

well, any fool can drive a car off a cliff, we need some way to measure how *well* the car is driven.

Standards are the measuring tool: student will drive a car within the street, following all California vehicle rules.

Standards then become the driving force for various new objectives:

Student will understand the sides of the street
Student will stop the car upon red lights.

each of these new objectives can be a starting point for entire lessons, or can be combined in units to create themes. (backwards planning btw)

If you look at your list, you will notice the ones listed as standards all have measurement in common. Sample ELA standard:

1.2 Create multiple-paragraph compositions:
a. Provide an introductory paragraph.
b. Establish and support a central idea with a topic sentence at or near the beginning of
the first paragraph.

all of the above can be measured.

hope it helped your thinking.

Leona Said:

What font should I use for a Facilitator Guide?

We Answered:

What about a condensed font? Avant Garde Condensed, Helvetica Condensed or even Arial Condensed...

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