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Thanksgiving Lesson Plans

Albert Said:

Thanksgiving Lesson Plan Ideas; 3rd Graders!?

We Answered:

Try some of the resources on this website:…

I was looking for activities too, and these are the best ones I've found.

Grace Said:

What is a good idea for a thanksgiving theme bullentin board for one-year olds?

We Answered:

Do the turkeys with "handprint" feathers. Or a "thankful tree" with the leaves made from the kid's handprints cut out of construction paper. Or once I did a board with a huge turkey in the middle holding a sign that said"Eat more seafood" and little fish at he bottom.

Sam Said:

Is this teacher I am describing, lazy?

We Answered:

You have no idea what teachers do, and you have no place questioning this teachers effectiveness. Only administrators are qualified to decide what you suggest.

Teachers should *not* be grading while class is in session. if your teacher was doing this during your reading time, then I would think it is a problem - there are many reasons why a teacher should be doing the same as the students at this level - but there is a education method present in your teacher reading while you read.

Another of your examples - reteaching and prior knowledge..... You cant be so self-absorbed that you think the *entire* class is at the same level... If a class has a few kids who need the lesson - then it happens. We teach ALL the kids in the class not just the ones at a certain level. couldnt hurt to hear it again could it>?

English teachers and essays: Im a math teacher - do the math: 160 essays, how much time reading, correcting, commenting and entering the grade in the system on each? 5 minutes? less, more? 5x160= 800 minutes. 13.3 hours. So should she do this instead of planning and grading other things...she should invest each of her nights regardless of family responsibilities?

Each and every one of your examples is something that does *not* point to ineffectiveness. It points to a kid who should mind their own business. If you want - you could actually talk to her rather than YA.

Bobbie Said:

Need help with my Thanksgiving lesson Plan?

We Answered:

Make turkeys!
Hold the pineapple sideways and glue feathers on one end in a fan shape. Glue a neck/head on the other and don't forget the red wattle!

Bernard Said:

Why do we wear ornage on Thanksgiving??

We Answered:

My guess is that it's one of the most-prominent colors of autumn... the reds, golds, oranges, etc...

Also the sunsets are often very colorful as well this time of year.

Happy Turkey!!!

Jeanette Said:

Teachers!!! Help me!!!!?

We Answered:

First, take a chill pill and relax! LOL

Are you student teaching in the same school you will be teaching kindergarten? If so, get to know the kindergarten teachers or at least the team leader. You will also be assigned a mentor teacher who can help you through the maze.

The school will provide you with a room, furniture, supplies, texts, teacher manuals, etc. Take to the kinder teachers as they know the state standards and can help you make sure your lesson plans comply. You should be able to find a copy of the state standards for kindergarten on your state's DOE site. Each states standards are a little different. Kinder teachers are very giving (that why they teach kindergarten) and I am sure they will be more than willing to help you as you get your feet wet! They will be your most valuable source of information about your district, your school, and your classroom. Don't be afraid to approach them or ask for help....they can't help if they don't know your concerns.

Also, take time to get to know the class. Is this a new class or are you replacing a teacher that is retiring? If she is retiring, get in touch with her to see what she has taught so far and if she is willing to part with any of her personal classroom items (she may sell them to you for a song). Also ask her for her gradebook since you will be taking over the class near the end of the semester and you will need information for report cards. Take the time before the winter break to get to know and assess your students so that you know where they are and where they will need to be. If the class is being created by pulling students from the other kinder classes, talk with each of the teachers to get the low-down on each of the students.

Don't try to do everything your first year! Take it slow and buddy up with one of the other teachers so you can plan together and maybe have your classrooms work together on some projects. Don't try to wow the teachers with your brilliance or be a 'know-it-all" (even if you are); you will get more help if they see that you are sincere and willing to ask for and take their advice (even if you don't use it).

And finally, enjoy kindergarten! You will be worn out at the end of the day, so make sure you get plenty of sleep every night and take your daily vitamins. Also wear very comfortable shoes (tennies or walking shoes) and don't wear anything very expensive or that you really like as these outfits will be the first to get themselves painted. If allowed, wear pants as they are easier to control than skirts when you get down on the floor with the kids!

Relax and enjoy! You will do just fine!

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