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Verb Lesson Plans

Leon Said:

I am an Elementary Education Major and have to teach a 1 hr lesson plan to second graders about verbs ending?

We Answered:

Make up mad libs that have lots of ED verbs and ask the whole class to raise their hands with suggestions for the blanks.

Laura Said:

How would you teach the form ‘going to + verb’ used for future plans to a pre-intermediate class?

We Answered:

Warmer/Lead in : Talk about future plans like what they want to do this weekend or this summer.
Presentation: Have students make sentences using will + verb.
Change the students' examples to going to + verb and explain the difference.
(The difference: Example 1: A: I will have a party this Saturday.
After some time, A meets B and says A: I'm going to have a party this Saturday. Would you like to come?
We usually use going to + verb if the action has been planned ahead and not during the time of speaking.
Example 2: A: I left my purse in the car. B: I'll get it.--> not I'm going to get it.)

Controlled practice activity: Have students make more examples by talking about activities that they have planned before and using be going to + verb. You can also let them answer some worksheets.

Production: Have role-playing or short dialogues in front of the class using be going to + verb. You may let them work in pairs or in group.
You may also use fill-in-this-sentence Example: Tonight..., Next summer...

Margie Said:

lesson plans on subject-verb agreement?

We Answered:

st. martin's handbook

Kim Said:

How do would you explain verb hurry versus hurries? ?

We Answered:

Put if in sentences and read it to them . Let them pick the one that sounds right.
Mom hurry to the store
Mom hurries to the store.
Do it repetitively with different sentences but the same verb. Slow learners need 7 repetitions so developmentally delayed, they need a lot of the same.
Try to use a sentence that applies to their age group. Where would they hurry to ?? the bathroom, the football game ?/ Good luck.

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