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Volleyball Lesson Plans

Louise Said:

Should I start volleyball or ballet?

We Answered:

I don't think there's any doubt that you should do ballet. It's obviously what *you* really want to do, and there's no reason to do things only because other people want you to.

It can be temporarily awkward to stick to your guns and do what you think is best though, I admit, but so worth it and a skill that you'll really need to use in life if you want to *have* your own life. People will always try to push other people to do things, but the decision is yours.

Just say for now that you're really *interested* and excited about ballet and that it fits into your future plans and interests, and quietly go about doing it (and avoid talking to them any more about it).
They'll get over "having another tall person on their team" pretty soon (...and that's what's this is about right?--what's good for them, not what's good for you, even if it "let's them down".... but btw, you should try to avoid from the beginning acting like you might do something if you really don't want to, because it will then be harder to back out of and they may be encouraged to continue pushing you to do it, and/or count on your participation for too long... and doing that sort of thing will just make your life more difficult in general anyway).

Even if you're still interested in volleyball, if you have to make a decision between the two, you should still go for what you want as long as you've given it your best analysis and intentions.

P.S. I never heard that being tall was actually a disadvantage for ballet... it's generally a good thing unless you're over 6' or something. Your height for musical theater would be similar, but still not that important.

Catherine Said:

Anyone know of any coaches...or places willing to host private volleyball lessons around Fort Worth, Texas?

We Answered:

Why not personally talk to coaches in TCU? Discuss your concerns to them, I'm sure they have an idea or can refer you to someone.

Or try this: Coach Lewis can be reached via email at [email protected] or in her office at (817) 257-7360.

Crystal Said:

Private volleyball lessons. What do you think?

We Answered:

J.O. will definitely be enough to get you onto ur high school's team, but if u really wanna get better at vball, then you should take the lessons. During your team's practices, setters dont get very good practice, but if all ur doing is trying to make ur hi skool team, you really dont need the private lessons

Morris Said:

What can I use for a makeshift volleyball net in the classroom?

We Answered:

mesh bags that produce comes in. plastic rings from 6packs tied together, a couple of yards of tulle--it's pretty cheap.

Hector Said:

What is the best way to discipline or teach a lesson to my 13yr old daughter who cofessed after a wk of lying?

We Answered:

She might have lied for a week, but she finally told you the truth and that's a good thing. Don't cancel the trip, but maybe you should buy her some shoes so she'll stop stealing your's! (Think about the reason why she took them in the first place)

Lynn Said:

Is this fair?? and Volleyball travel team tryouts?

We Answered:

wow, you wrote so much! lol

well, when you say volleyball is your passion, it's mine too.
i'm totally devoted to it and i understand what your going through since i went through the same thingg in middle school.
So all i can say is, forget the school team. Maybe there's a reason you weren't supposed to get on there...Just keep practicing and maybe watch some professional volleyball players (T.V./online) and see what skills they excell in.

As for actual volleyball stuff, YES, make sure your overhand serve is STRONG and POWERFUL. Make sure to throw the ball high enough and then really kill it! As for everything else, PRACTICE MAKES BETTER. make sure your bumps go where you want them too. Learn to dig and get on your knees and really to go after the ball..
and if you don't have to spike yet, learn anyway. It's mostly like serving, so you should not have a problem with that.

Persevere! Don't give up on something you love. Just practice and get better, and see it's rewards! good luck! xoxo

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