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Where The Wild Things Are Lesson Plans

Glen Said:

All my children spoiler.?

We Answered:

Most of it I'm cool with except for the Aidan thing. Why is it that soap writers can't seem to make a character interesting unless them make him/her bad? I've always liked Aidan and respected his integrity. Unfortunately, once again, the writers have decided that integrity is a thing of the past. Wonder who raised *them*.

Betty Said:

I have a lot of trouble around girls...and people in general...(LONG)?

We Answered:

It's good that you're ready and willing to try to open up to people. That is the best first step, start making new friends. This will help you approach the girl.
This is sort of strange, I'm an extremely extroverted girl who has never dated, trying to help an introverted guy... life has sweet irony.

After you learn how to make friends and conversation with people, then try to befriend this girl. After you become friends with her, you will be able to tell if you really like her and if dating her is what you want to do.

Gilbert Said:

Why do you think a teacher would do a lesson plan on the book, Where The Wild Things Are?

We Answered:

To show kids to have an imagination and that school can be fun sometimes...learning doesn't always have to be stiff and nonfiction all the time.
To show the moral of the story that home is where the heart is. No matter what you do or where you go in life, family will be there for you.

Ricardo Said:

I have two poetry questions? please help!?

We Answered:

A narrative poem tells a story. Examples include Beowulf, The Iliad, The Goblin Market, The Shooting of Dan McGrew (to include a poem by Service). A lyric poem usually presents a single image or mood. It is usually, but not necessarily shorter than a narrative poem. Wendell Berry is particularly good at lyric poetry, as the example here shows.

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