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Writing Lesson Plans Elementary

Pedro Said:

how is a lesson plan written for middle and elementary shcools?

We Answered:

There are many different ways to write a lesson plan.

As a beginning teacher I exchanged lesson plans with a colleague who was an excellent teacher. The plans were very good. They were, however, not my plans, or my style of teaching. He felt the same way about my lesson plans. You need lesson plans that are suitable to your own personality and way of teaching although you should always borrow ideas from others.

Any lesson plan, however should include your aim or aims usually in question form, motivation, materials that you need. pivotal questions, several medial and a final summary, the aperceptive sequence, expected outcomes and at least one application.

After completing a lesson plan I often rewrote it and changed and reversed the motivation with either my summary or application.

Gladys Said:

Teachers: Georgia Standards? I need help writing a lesson plan with the standards.?

We Answered:

Look on this page here, they have a unit builder on the way, and some word templates.…

Joann Said:

how do we make a lesson plan?

We Answered:

you first have to have curriculum, then you should have a syllabus, then a book as your reference......then.... you follow the step by step rule.
1. topic
2. objective
3. methods
4. exercise
5. evaluation
6. assignement

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