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Writing Lesson Plans

Sylvia Said:

Any ideas for lesson plans on reading and writing?

We Answered:

It is best to have lots of really bright wall charts or pictures of animals up on the walls to help the kids with learning or lots of card games with animals on them to play on a regular basis. Lots of bright books like board ones which do not tear easily and the letters of the alphabet to help the kids get to grips with spelling on a board for example that uses magnets too.......if poss, bring them to the nearest farm!
Hope that helps! Good luck!

Velma Said:

can anyone help me with writing lesson plans on writing communication and reading please? for TESOL?

We Answered:

Searching these sites will probably turn up what you are looking for:

hope this helps.

Patsy Said:

Where can I learn to write lesson plans?

We Answered:

Why don't you find a local public school teacher and see if they would be willing to talk with you. Since you didn't say an age range. not much I can tell you here. You could also look up in Google, teaching ideas Spanish, or a variety of other search terms.

Jesse Said:

what are some helpful books to assist me with writing lesson plans in Health for all level of grades?

We Answered:



Or just do a search for generic health lesson plans. Then pull up your state's curriculum & standards to match the standard with the lesson.

Good luck!

Karl Said:

When writing lesson plans, what is the difference between the proposed "aims" and "outcomes" of the lesson?

We Answered:

An aim is more theoretical, such as "students will practice small motor skills". The outcome is more practical, such as "students will create an origami crane".

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