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Homeschool For Middle School

Ricky Said:

Elementary & Middle Homeschoolers: Do you plan to continue homeschool through high school?

We Answered:

We originally planned on at least until the end of jr. high (so, end of gr. 9), then we'll see about high school (10-12).

Now we're thinking we'll probably go all the way through, unless some school option is available that seems too good to pass up or the kids really want to go to school. It'll depend on the academics a bit, too. My dd may very well be able to be able to start some high school courses when she's in gr. 8. She may not have any desire to be a 14yo in a class of 16/17yo's! My ds is only 7, so hard to say just yet. ;)

I've been noticing that while the pyramid you speak of has been true, there are more and more people deciding to homeschool through high school--a higher percentage than just the increase in homeschoolers in general.

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