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How To Survive Middle School

Jack Said:

How do i survive middle school.?

We Answered:

Im in 8th grade. Ive been through it all. And ive learned ALOT!
1. Popularity: Dont be afraid to talk. But dont say things that poeple dont want to know like gross stuff. you'll meet people like that in middle school. First see what humor people use then talk how ever much you want. but dont get in trouble. Middle school is very cliquey. Just be your self.

Locker rooms: You mean in gym. There not bad. i dont like to see people like half naked but just face your back to them. no body really talks in just underwear or a bra. Its fine you get use to it real fast. Its not likie wierd only the first week.

Teachers: they vary, May be nice bay be a total annoying *****. Be a suck up to the bitches. Do what ever you want for nice ones
Nice ones are usualy

Bitches are math and english. for my school at least.

Boys: BE YOUR SELF. and talk to them if you like them. make sure they dont think your wierd first (dont ask you'll just know if they dont want to talk to you)

Organization: have a ruteen for going to your locker it makes things so much easier. :) and just get your home work in that makes **** easier to.

Hair. Down is always pretty. a pony tail, a bun. a pony tail with a braid coming fromm front to back going into the pony tail. it you have bangs pin them down the back or to the side. bun with a braid from the front to the back and going around the braid.

Hope this helped sorry its so long. sorry for the spelling ad sorry if you cant understand some of the hair things.

Leo Said:

How to survive middle school?

We Answered:

Ask questions. Although its not the most popular thing to do asking questions will keep you from looking like an idiot in front of lots of people. Always remember to be reasonable in the number of questions you ask though. Because being too eager can get you ridiculed as well.

Always be yourself. Although it may be considered "cool" to do what everybody else is doing fitting in only crushes your ability to stand out. Remember put your own individual stamp on life dont let others determine what you do or what you dont do.

Get involved. Middle school has a lot of activities that you can engage in, such as Band, Chorus, or Orchestra. You can engage and develop a new passion from music.

Keep a book handy. A book is an asset that is very good to have with you. If you are not as socially engaged in school these days, a book will act as somebody interesting to talk to. Books build vocabulary and promote eloquence.

Keep priorities straight. Remember school is for learning, so don't be so consumed with extracurricular activities that you forget your core classes.

Forget the drama. Who cares? And being popular, just be yourself. Wear cool stuff, talk slick, you'll be popular enough. Grades matter so much more though so keep that in mind.

Jeff Said:

How to survive middle school and be popular?

We Answered:

I was once in the same position you are in now. I felt the same things you are feeling now. All my closest friends from elementary school were going to a different school than me. Essentially, I had no friends going into middle school. Like you, I was worried about not having any close friends to support me and be there for me. Not to mention I was overwhelmed with the differences between elementary and middle school, i.e. six different teachers, class changes, dismissal bells. It was a lot to take in. However, I realize now that I was making a big deal out of nothing.
You are a 6th grader now. The majority of the other students in your grade are in the same position as you as well. Being in 6th grade is something to happy and excited about.
As far as being popular, I would say you honestly shouldn't worry about this too much. It's natural to want people to like you, but if you focus too much on making everyone adore you, you're going to end up in a world of drama and your attempt at popularity could seriously backfire. Remember, be yourself. You've probably heard this a lot, but its the honest truth! Try not to follow trends so much. People will quickly label you, categorize you, and make judgments about you if you do. This could all lead up to a lot of unwanted drama.
Get to know the people in your classes. Especially the ones seated around you. If they seem nice and appeal to you, start up a conversation with them. For instance, you might say "I love your new shoes. Where'd you get them?" or "Cute earrings, I have some just like them." Compliments are a great and easy way to start up a conversation with a stranger.
If you have don't have anyone to sit with at lunch, look around for a table with a small group of girls sitting together. Sit next to them. Who knows? Maybe they'll become your next best friends. At all costs, do not sit by yourself. No one will ever give you the chance to be their friend if you don't give them the chance.

Eddie Said:

How do i survive Middle School?

We Answered:

1. Always be prepared. Study the night before each test
2. Think pefore you speak, you might think you know the answer, but double check.
3. Know your limits. If something is too hard or is confusing, ask for help
4. Only surround yourself with people who make you feel good
5. Keep your friends close and your frenemies far
6. If you have a lot of trouble in a subject, get a tutor
7. Write down every teacher’s name in your notebook for that class so you don’t forget
8. Put your homework back in your backpack as soon as your done
9. Don’t take a class because your friends are.
If you hate it, you can’t change
10. Eat at lunch, don’t just talk
11. Be yourself!
12. In a sea of people, no one notices one mistake
13. If your teacher gives out a wrong answer, raise your hand to correct her
14. DON’T correct teacher’s grammar
15. If your best (and only) friend moves, MAKE MORE!
16. Don’t just do your homework and be done, check over it
17. Do your best. Your best is all anyone can ask you to do
18. To lie you need a good memory, to tell the truth you don’t.
19. Always keep an extra shirt in your locker for if you spill something.
20. Fashion fads are highly overrated, they end as soon as they start

21. Due dates are closer then they appear
22. Don’t make exuses over everything, own up to your mistakes
23. Be sure your caught up in middle school homework and classwork. If you get behind it’s hard to make up
24. Read assignments and directions carefully
25. Have your own style and stick with it
26. Have a speacial binder for homework assignments so you don’t lose them
27. You don’t need a guy to be cool or happy
28. If you like a guy be yourself, if he doesn’t like you, his loss
29. Be involved, dress the part for special days
30. Get a lift to school on rainy days or else you’ll spend homeroom in wet jeans
31. Never end a friendship over rumors
32. Join tons of club so you can meet friends with the same interests as you.
33. Be friends with people who don’t get in trouble
34. It’s okay to make new friends; but don’t forget your old ones
35. Never try to be popular, just do things you like
36. Be friends with people you care about most.
37. Always hang out with people who make you laugh
38. If you REALLY want to keep something secret, keep it to yourself. Even a bff can let it slip sometimes
39. Never let your enemies see you cry, that only lets them win
40. When the popular people talk, others listen

41. Always understand when a friend makes a mistake
42. Live life to the greatest
43. Talk to your guidence counsler if something is wrong
44. The place you sit in lunch on the first day is where you’ll be sitting for the rest of the year
45. Do things you enjoy
46. Act fine, even if your not, around teachers.
47. Don’t sit next to a cute guy in class, it’ll distract you
48. Get exersize and be healthy
49. Push through all of the drama
50. Stay away from crushes
51. Don’t get crushed by a crush
52. Don’t tell your teacher that your doing something to get out of class.
53. Teachers like to think your doing things for non-selfish reasons
54. Don’t ignore your friend when she is telling you something important
55. Be the first one to apoligize after a fight
56. Keep your head high and chrage for the mountain
57. Love, laugh, live
58. No recess is a good thing, not as much drama
59. Manage your lunch time
60. Only make commitments you can keep

61. Boys are overrated, ignore them
62. Focus more on school than being popular
63. Stay true to yourself and you will make it through
64. Don’t worry about a test if you studied, you’ll do fine!
65. Don’t fall for guys guy for looks!
66. Open up your eyes and see what kind of person you really are
67. Don’t try to make people feel sorry for you
68. If your trying to get a guy to notice you don’t come to school in a tube top and mini skirt
69. Don’t worry about what other people say YOU LOOK GREAT!!
70. Round up some of your clothes and find what matches
71. Pick out your clothes the night before
72. Don’t send your friend to tell your crush you like him!
73. ALWAYS wear deoderent
74. KARMA! What goes around comes around
75. Just have fun and make the best of the year

Holly Said:

Any tips on how to survive middle school?

We Answered:

here's my motto: "just be yourself and if ppl don't like u, that's something they miss out on"

(btw, I'm in middle school 2)

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