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Hull Middle School

Steve Said:

How do you get access to a student roster at Hull Middle School?

We Answered:

Try going to the school and requesting it. I dont really think they can just hand thoose out to people though for security reasons.

Jeremy Said:

Question about American Middle Schools (preferably middle schools student answers but anyone w/ info can answe?

We Answered: all depends on the kind of school you go to. I went to 2 different middle schools, public and private. some schools have uniforms, others don't. most schools have sports like soccer, american football, basketball, volleyball, etc.

2. at frist people will probably be all over your accent, but that will work for you. british accents are VERY cool in america, and girls love them. you will make a lot of friends that way, but eventually people will get over it and treat you like everyone else.

3. you sound like the perfect kid. everyone loves social athletes. they are always top of the food chain :)

4. there are a bunch of soccer leagues outside of school. all different levels too.

if you are are going to public school, I'm just going to warn you that you should pick your friends carefully. make sure you get involved with a good group of kids. public schools have many social groups, many of them are involved with drugs and bad things like that. many aren't though. just be careful :D

good luck! and i'm sure you will love it here :D

Melanie Said:

how much money does it cost to take swimming lessons at the ymca?

We Answered:

I just looked at the YMCA website and it says [in FAQs] that prices vary - and you have to contact "that" Y (closest to you) to get rates.

Call them and ask -- or go to this website, put in your zip code, and see if you can get any info online. Also, at the bottom of the page, look for a "contact us" link. You can ask them online (how much it costs).

Have fun this summer!!

Tony Said:

Dose anyone have Mr Nelson class? or go to JH Hull Middle school?

We Answered:

Nope, sorry;.

Ramon Said:

Middle School Soccer questions?!?!?

We Answered:

There are school teams for almost every middle school, boys and girl. If your school doesn't have one, there are city/county soccer teams.

The coaches are usually volunteers and soccer enthusiasts, not the best quality coach, but it's a lot of fun.

American school soccer is all about glory sweat and violence. It's awful :) It's real competetive, but based on your history as a soccer player, I think you'll easily do well on a team.

The fields are pretty bad, depending on where you are, if it's not synthetic turf, it's lumpy grass. Hard to play on.

There's travel soccer too, which is a try-outs team that plays the other travel soccer teams. But you have to be really good for that.

Americans are OKAY at soccer, but you know, we try ;D

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