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Hyde Middle School

Albert Said:

What is a good song to sing/play piano with for a high school talent show?

We Answered:

Sing something you can connect with, I like no one knows who I am but I'm a theatre kid lol but you can get great music from its lists the emails of people who have the sheet music your looking for you give them and buzz and they send it to you :) good luck

Lena Said:

Why does my life suck so bad?

We Answered:

One day you will move out of your parent's house and start a new life, and it's up to you if it will suck or not.

Bradley Said:

Should i get classic tall or sort uggs?

We Answered:

well,if you wear alot of skinny jeans,make sure the jeans are skinny,fitting,and long,
(get tall) they'll look bettter=]

Lucy Said:

anyone goes to Hyde Middle School?

We Answered:

do u really wanna get stalked? as if it is so hard to find out where you live now. QUIT POSTING PERSONAL INFORMATION WHERE PEOPLE CAN FIND IT!

David Said:

Do Any Of You Know Someone Named Jhon Herrera Khalife's Email?

We Answered:

search google

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