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Jefferson Middle School

Rick Said:

OMAHA RESIDENTS PLEASE! what elementry school is near beadles middle school on jefferson street?

We Answered:

Highland Elementary School. 2625 Jefferson Street. Omaha, Nebraska 68107. 402-734- 5711

Minnie Said:

dose anyone know of and proxy sites that are not blocked at jefferson middle school?

We Answered:

One new Proxy site, you can try:

If this one doesn't work, try these:

Nelson Said:

What does Jefferson County Traditional Middle School look like?

We Answered:

its kinda traditional and its in the middle of jefferson county

Dustin Said:

does anyone go to jefferson middle school?

We Answered:


Leona Said:

i need to find my cuzins email his names noah dyer he goes to jefferson middle school and he lives in okla,cit?

We Answered:

me neither...

Tracy Said:

is jefferson middle school a good school?

We Answered:

Jeff is as good as Stevens

Maurice Said:

what do you think is better Lincoln middle school Santa Monica CA or Jefferson middle school Torrance CA?

We Answered:

Quick answer: My gut says go with Lincoln. I went to John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica and Santa Monica High School. John Adams wasn't too good, but I thought Santa Monica HS was really good. Lincoln has an excellent reputation and you should get lots of good opportunities there. I know for example that they have a good music program.

Here's some more info:

The academic reputation of a school is measured by the Academic Performance Index (API), a scale that goes from 200 to 1000. The goal is for all schools in CA to get above a 800.

Lincoln Middle School has an API of 882, which is really good. Jefferson Middle has an API of 835, which is less than Lincoln, but still pretty good.

In looking at the high schools that the middle schools feed into, they're pretty much the same - Santa Monica High has an API of 772, Torrance has an API of 771.

You should check out the California Department of Education's website for more explicit information. I would have checked for you, but their site is currently down. Check out this website and they'll give you detailed information about the students, teachers, and facilities for each school

You can also check out each school's website. I think it's great that you're taking such an interest in your education. I wish you the best of luck this school year! :)

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