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Johnston Middle School

Robin Said:

does johnston middle school have a web site if it does what is it ?

We Answered:

johnston middle school!!! where in the world is that hunny i am in north wales uk

Darryl Said:

Compare these two Iowa middle schools?

We Answered:

Both are great schools academically and extra-currcicularly. . .You mentioned an interest in music. My friend actually teaches vocal music at Valley Southwoods (9th grade school in WDM) and has done very well with her choirs. She has several kids get into All State every year.

Johnston has a very strong English program. It would be a good place to attend if you enjoy writing.

WDM tends to be stronger in athletics over Johnston.

Johnston is smaller than WDM.

For information on test scores and testimonials from students, teachers, and parents go to

Good luck!

Brian Said:

PLEASE someone can you tell me how this speccific school is like?

We Answered:

Clarissa luv, you have to realize there will always new adventures, new challenges, new beginnings in your life. It's normal & natural to feel a little bit uncomfortable> though, by this time next year, the thoughts will have disappeared from your memory.

You should also realize that unless there are any repeaters, you'll not be alone in looking for your classes or locker assignment. Most of the teachers will be standing outside their classroom doors. So, if you get lost, just go up to one of them, smile that cute girly smile you have, & ask where the classroom is. Trust me, no one can resist a cute girly smile.

Now, when you get there, you'll probably start out in homeroom. Look around for any familiar faces that you might of gone to school last year with. You should already have your class schedule, so just compare schedules & see what period you have lunch & arrange to sit with that person > sometimes the boys will sit away from the girls, but hopefully that won't happen where you are.

The first few days will be the hardest > but you will get through them. You're not alone. Just do your best.

Good luck & remember to use your secret weapon > the cute girly smile.

Glen Said:

Where do Johnston middle school students go to for the end of the year trip?

We Answered:

My school when we went on our trip at the beginning of the year, we get a note ike 2 or 3 weeks before we went. PLUS, you could ask 7th graders where they went. Or ask the teachers. You have plenty of time (=


Usually they don't take 6th graders out of country. PLUS you can probably chaperone.

Timothy Said:

What are the worst goofy names you have heard that are someones actual name?

We Answered:

I heard a girl named Africa on the radio the other day! :)

I'd have to stick with my friend, Savannah...her family has the most interesting combination of names I've ever heard.

She has 3 sisters... Charli, Stormy, and Punky. And 5 brothers... Scooter, Schooner, Tracer, Racer, and Chaser. We would jokingly tell her mom that she should name her 5th son "Eraser" when she was pregnant with him. :)

Also, my cousin goes to school with a girl named Ima Lima Bean (middle name Lima). I've never met her, but I have seen pictures... such a harsh name...

I also babysit twins named Zacgary and Kaytln. No typo's there. Kaytln really is spelled with no vowel between L and N. People misspell it as "Katlyn" all the time, though.

I worked at a camp over the summer... there were two girls that ended up becoming best friends because of their names... Sparkle and Blu. There were also girls named Brisayda (brih-SAY-duh), Glaisea (GLAY-shuh), Burgundie, and Teall (Burgundie and Teall were twins, and Glaisea was their adopted sister).

I went to my cousin's church with her about 2 months ago. The female worship leader's name is Coke. Her parents actually STILL get an annual payment from the Coco cola company...isn't that ridiculous?

I go to school with a boys named Hootie and Swayne. There are a bunch of other odd ones as well (Metney, Cyndel, Dartelle, Rockelle, Sergio, Emjaye, Tekkla, Romney...), but Hootie and Swayne always seemed a bit higher on level to me. Swayne goes by his middle name, Matthew (Matt), though.

My Anatomy teacher's name is Brecia (BREESH-uh). She has daughters named Brice and Owen, and a brother-in-law named Index.

My English teacher has daughters named Cheyan (Cheyenne) and Conlin, and a son named Cougar.

My sister did cross country with girls named Blakeney (blayk-nee), Delsay (sounds like "Dulce" as in Dulce de leche... DUHL-say), and Kamical (kuh-meekle).

My cousin has a friend (whom I have met) named Hmellisa Mlo. Mlo is her last name (sounds like "slow" with an M instead of an S), and Hmellisa, her first name, is pronounced the same as Melissa.

Fun question.

-- Amy

Brenda Said:

I dont like my middle school how do i convince my parents to go to another one???

We Answered:

Reality check: honey it ain't gonna happen.

Only ten friends? That sounds ok.

Ask your parents to let you have a party at your new big house and invite all your old school friends and crush. See if there are any things you can do with your old friends like take dance classes or something.

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