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King Middle School

Daniel Said:

Can the King George Middle School Prinicipal in Virginia suspend a child for breaking a code with no proof an?

We Answered:

Capable school administrators will get to the bottom of that issue no matter what it is. If your 13 year old son is innocent, you don't have to be concerned. You may be able to cleat his school record if the suspension has no merit. However, the suspension will hold if he has had previous incidents of carrying contraband into the school.

The answer to your specific question is does the school administrator have the authority to suspend your son without having evidence. Administrators of elementary, middle, or secondary school are not bound by the same regulations as the police have. The administrators are given more leeway to protect and make students safe in their schools. But, you do have a right to demand a hearing over the matter. That should be given to you because that right to a hearing is provided to students in every public school.

The hearing might be held with the school principal, or a hearing officer and other teachers present. Parents and your son will be present. The hearing will be informal and will consist of questions and answers about this particular incident, and a decision will follow regarding your son's suspension. I would advise that you do nothing more than write a letter to the principal requesting a hearing. Good luck.

Amber Said:

does marting luther king middle school in beltsville has big locker and is it a nice school .?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Jimmie Said:

Is there anybody that went to King Middle School,this year or last year?

We Answered:

Yes, you did.

Chester Said:

who here goes to thomas starr king middle school?

We Answered:

i use to go.

Kenneth Said:

King Middle School in Portland, ME. giving out contraceptives?

We Answered:

because parents are not educating their you think a teenager is a good parent?

Jackie Said:

King Middle School Controversy: Information?!?

We Answered:

Here are some sites:…………

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