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Lamar Middle School

Raul Said:

Is my resume good for a beginner?And do I have a good chance at getting an agent or getting on a show?

We Answered:

actually, thats pretty good for a begginner, im a beginner 2 and i dont have as many experience as u do, just make sue u send a photo of yourself to cause the resume is one thing but they actually have to be lookin 4 ur type of look to choose u

Connie Said:

What do you all think about villiages of Lamar apartments and Penbrook club apartments?

We Answered:

Although I am not from Texas, I have some resources I have would suggest that you look at that could assist you further. I have been using these websites as I plan on relocating to Chicago (in McHenry County) in 2012-2013. Some of the websites that could assist you further included the following;

FOR RENT: Finding Apartments in the City You Want To Reside In.

City Data: This website will provide you with valuable information such as the local economy, hospitals in the area, population growth, schools in the area for your children and many other useful tools about a city's population;
Austin's Page:…
Dallas Page:…
Forth Worth Page:…

Relocate America: This website will provide you with valuable data about moving to another city and you can request an information pack be mailed to you about another city.

American Public Transportation Association: This website will tell you which cities in the United States has public transportation and which cities do not;

State of Texas: This website will provide you with information about living in Texas and what you need to know about moving to Texas

You could also check websites of cities you like to live along with the city's Chamber of Commerce to find information about relocating to certain cities.

Good Luck with whatever city you decide to move to in Texas.



There is a website about schools thatwill provide you with valuable data about prospective schools you can send your children to. This website is School Digger and it will provide you data such as test scores for standardizes test, demographics about the school, the cost of housing around each school and much more valuable information. School Digger website is

Audrey Said:

Does Liberalism promote a Culture of Failure?

We Answered:

Yes, they believe others should work for them and provide them with everything they need so they don't succeed and at some point the ones supporting them get tired of it and begin to fail too.

Bernice Said:

anyone out

We Answered:

nope i dont

Jane Said:

would you like to buy a house in lamar mo.?

We Answered:

funny how you didn't mention the price....get a Realtor and a lawyer. don't advertise on Yahoo.

Jessica Said:

What do they mean in the school handbook?

We Answered:

To sum that all up if you miss so many days then you won't get your credits for the classes you missed and will have to take it again

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