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Legacy Middle School

Kenneth Said:

My Life Story...(Stupid 20 Charter Rule)?

We Answered:

ok...? im sorry i dont get the there one...? and if you think you life was bad, try growing up in a third world country. always think "it could be worse"

Deanna Said:

Getting into an ivy league school and not being a legacy.=] 5 star best answer?

We Answered:

I too am a middle schooler eager to attend an elite Ivy League school. I am a 6th grader obsessed with getting into Harvard. You are on the right road for getting into an Ivy League. However, to get accepted to an Ivy, you have to really do something outstanding. I am not saying that your mother's friend is right, but you do have half the material covered for getting into any Ivy League. What i mean by that is you need to be more outgoing. Give everything a great effort, do the best that you can! Do something outstanding. For example, do something that really changes your community, besides community service! Get your name noticed by your school! Become well-known which will definitely get the Ivies to consider and notice you. Some additional tips are taking all the AP classes that you can, join extra curriculars that you like and try taking leadership in them, always get good grades one B can't really change anything, learn a lot of languages,they are looking for diversity, play sports, they are looking for active members of a community,and just try try try! Never give up! Show them you are determined!! Also, I would suggest asking your dad for some tips on how he got into Harvard! After all, it is the number 1 college in the WORLD!! Oh and Yale looks for unique people! Remember, the Ivy Leagues are looking for active leaders that will change the world, not bookworms! Best of luck to you!!

Richard Said:

getting into an ivy league school and not being a legacy.=] 5 star best answer?

We Answered:

Work your *** off and keep a high GPA (all 4 years), and get high SAT I/IIs. Other than that, like the person above me said, you need to stand out. They want to see passion and dedication. Joining clubs or student council with some volunteering along with great grades is pretty basic. Almost everyone applying has at least this.

Marcia Said:

What order should I put for high schools in NYC?

We Answered:

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies. It have a Middle and a High School. Its not the best but its not bad. Try Stuyvesant also. Thats a good one. Both of these are in Manhattan

Jerry Said:

Can I get in to a good prep school with a mediocre GPA?

We Answered:

Getting into Prep School is highly competitive and political as well. If your grades aren't up to par, you will be hard pressed to get into a school of choice unless your parents have plenty of clout and money. Good luck.

Vera Said:

How is a knight a legacy of the middle ages?

We Answered:

Knights were a part of the medieval feudal system. Also look up the code of chivalry.

Minnie Said:

Where can a 16 year old teen coach a middle school basketball team??

We Answered:

The best place would be to find a military base near you. Most bases are in need of coaches for youth sports which are really competitive and some actually travel. This will also be very good because you'll get to meet kids from all over the world not just here in the states.

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