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Lesson Plans Middle School Science

Sherri Said:

Can you teach yourself physics and other sciences?

We Answered:

For the basic stuff, you can teach yourself. You need a good textbook on introductory physics and another one on introductory chemistry. Just read it chapter by chapter and do all the homework questions. However, math was invented to make physics easier and so you really need calculus, which requires algebra and an understanding of functions like logarithms and trigonometry. You can teach yourself the material in basic calculus the same way, with a good text book and doing all the homework questions. If you have a tutor who studied the sciences or engineering then use him to get past the tough spots when you are puzzled. It is likely your current tutor is competent enough to get you that far. Beyond the point of basic calculus, physics, and chemistry you will need help to make efficient progress. Without someone to teach you the going will be too slow. Without people to talk to about it you will not spend enough time each day thinking about it. I think advanced levels require you to be involved with other people. Even Einstein had his wife to talk to because she was also a physicist.

Claire Said:

Difference b/w teaching middle school and high school?

We Answered:

Junior High students are squirrely. They are just starting to notice the opposite sex and their hormones are raging and they don't know what to do with them so they act like idiots.

HS students are harder in some places. Depends on where you are. At the school where I work, most teachers leave lesson plans for the subs if they know they are going to be out. Mostly they just have students read their texts or work problems at the end of the chapter or something equally easy for subs to supervise.

If you let the students know you are scared of them they will take advantage of you. Be confident and don't let them run all over you.

Eugene Said:

Advice..Should I take classes over the summer? Behind in math&science?

We Answered:


While I was searching for a good college I found one site that offers you to browse a ton of
different schools.Actually there are many websites online but most of them are paid.This one
is free(no hidden charges) .

You should try it

I really hope that will help you

June Said:

I need goals for homeschooling my seventh grader?

We Answered:

Hello, I understand your concern I myself asked the same question when I began homeschooling. It's apparently a question you are going to ask yourself every year around this time. Especially since this is the time when the regular schooled children are having bench marks and the 1st semester is coming to an end. You feel as if your child isn't doing what his peers are. Rest assure your child is right on schedule ( his or her own).
Mom, you are giving your child a one on one session. It could be one hour it could be the whole 24 no matter what your child is learning.
I tried some curriculum'sdidn't get them, dididn't understandand still felt there was something missing so I turned to Unschooling with a bit of classical. All that means in simple terms is we read real books. not the garbage they write now but the classics like Arabian knights, The Oddyssey, anything ffrom 1965 and back. I have books from the 1800"s and yes you can get things for free online.
Education is not suppose to be expensive, all that does is empty your pockets doesn't fill your mind.
As a concerned mother to another please don't put him back into school, there was a reason he wasn't in it to begin with.
Here is a link that is very helpful and they have great things. The group owner is Jackie and she is an amazing women if you need anything she is there to help.…
Also here my email [email protected] please feel free to contact me I have hundreds of sites, I have cirriculum that I can part with if you need it and we can pick eachothers brains and be eachothers support.
I have been homeschooling now 2 1/2 years. I still have days when I wake up and go " what am I doing?" but then I sit and chat with my children 14, 12, 10 and 3 and can have full conversations, debates, cooking class, Art, Science experiemsnts that we have to clean up before either the dogs eat them or dad gets home, and sometimes we sew or knit or just watch a movie together and I stare at them and think " this is why I wanted to be a mom" and the strangest part is I like these kids, lol.
Sometimes we have to remind ourselves " Parents are a childs first teacher"
Good luck and if you want to email me, I promise all i will do is talk you to death or send you a load of sites to look up
look up laws/regulations on your state. this will help start you off.

Marion Said:

Is there anything I can do to improve this?

We Answered:

For starters, it is very poor writing form to ask a bunch of questions. I didn't count them all but I figure there are 30 or 40 at least, and no-one is going to take the time to answer even a fraction of them, let alone your teacher.

You are obviously resentful of the teacher's actions, yet you haven't really stated this. Some of the things the teacher did really hurt you, but you haven't actually expressed your true emotions.

Then you actually start answering your own questions. If you know the answer, why are you asking the question?

Here is an alternative way of writing the first paragraph (I'm not going to try re-writing the whole thing)

'You probably didn't realise it, but you were playing games with me, and I felt that you were abusing your authority as a teacher. I can't think of anything I did that would make you treat me that way, and it hurt me a lot. You couldn't tell when I was frustrated, and simply told me to keep looking for the answers. You knew the answer, and you could have told me, but you didn't, so I just got madder and madder.'

If you are trying to make the teacher feel bad, don't abuse him/her. Just point out the humiliation you felt and if the teacher is at all human, they will feel sorry for you and listen. Who knows, maybe they will even apologize.

Since you used Newton as an example, remember also, that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This happens to people too. Despite what students think, teachers do not pick on kids just for something to do to pass the time of day. Try to think of the things you have done to cause the teacher to do the things he/she has done. Remember as well that it was you that misplaced the Science book, not the teacher, and I can't imagine the teacher or his/her friend actually hiding it under some papers in another room.

There is an old saying: "Teachers don't get mad, they just get even."

Mattie Said:

UC Davis is my DREAM SCHOOL !Do I have a chance of getting in ? Please answer!?

We Answered:

It sounds like you're on the right track! The average SAT score for Davis acceptees, according to Naviance, is 2095. The average GPA is 4.27, which you should be able to do easily if you take lots of honors and AP classes.
Best of luck!

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