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Lesson Plans Middle School Students

Edwin Said:

Looking for topics to create a history lesson for Middle Schools Students.?

We Answered:

Well, start by selecting an objective: what do you want them to know/be able to do at the end of the lesson? Middle school students are not going to sit through a 50 minute need to break up your lesson into 10 or 15 minute segments (lecture, independent practice, group discussion, whatever).

For a topic, I would look at your state's academic standards for Social Science in 7th grade. That way, you will be able to find out what they need to know for academic testing. Good luck!

Kurt Said:

How do I create lesson plans for these age groups?

We Answered:

Since I don't know what subject area might be most appealing to you I thought the best thing to do is to give you these links. they have tons of complete lesson plans for those age groups. Best of luck with it.

Gloria Said:

Teaching About Cinco de Mayo to Elementary School Students?

We Answered:

Explain to them how Mexico didn't want to pay their debts to France, so France invaded them and tried to take over their country.

When a little village in Mexico didn't get beaten up like they might have, the little village had a party. They celebrate their victory in town ever since.

Also explain that it is not Mexican Independence Day and it is not celebrated in Mexico by most Mexicans. Californians started it in the US because France was an enemy then.

Only in America would they turn a minor event in another country into a reason to get drunk and party.

It is marketing to the ignorant masses and shameful to perpetuate it.

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