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Lesson Plans Middle School Teachers

Lucy Said:

How do I get a High School Principal, who is a bully and harrasses teachers, fired?

We Answered:

personally, I'd go to the BOE (board of education) that's who he/she is hired by

Randy Said:

Middle School Sequencing Lesson....HELP!!!?

We Answered:

Start out with something more familiar than a poem. Why don't you get a familiar story (Cinderella) or even a story they have already read in class. Have each student write one thing that happened in the story. Group them into groups of 4 or 5 and have them share their sentence. After wards the groups needs to put the sentences in order (sequence). If they are missing the beginning, middle or end then as a group they need to decide on a sentence to make their sequencing more complete. More often than not they have the whole story written out.
You need to also decide what you want to focus on when it comes to sequencing. Do you want to just consider beginning middle end? Do you want to include problem and solution? Do you want to elaborate more and discuss First, Next, Then, After, Last (In the end...) Do you want them to sequence as a way of summarizing.
If you want your lesson to be about Sequencing, poetry may be a little harder for them to do. You may want to try the poem part after you have taught sequencing with more familiar stories. A reason why she may want you to start with poetry is because sometimes they rhyme and they may find the order of it more easily if the poem rhymes.

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