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Lesson Plans Middle School

Erik Said:

Anyone know of a good lesson plan format for middle school music?

We Answered:

can you hlep me;…

Ross Said:

Im looking for samples of lesson plans/materials for middle school students in a special ed life skills class?

We Answered:

What is your role in the classroom? Are you student teaching or doing an observation? Are you a paraprofessional? Are you the teacher? If you are the assistant or student teacher, talk to the teacher and ask for her advice. Basic subjects that are taught in a middle school life skills classroom are Math, Language Arts, Social Skills, Functional Skills (taking care of self, independence skills, community functioning,etc), and possibly science, social studies, health, etc depending on your district. For students who are typically in life skills classes, independence is a major goal. This includes personal responsibility, taking care of themselves- hygiene, laundry, cleaning, money skills, telling time and time management, being able to function in the community by taking public transportation, going somewhere, purchasing items, making choices, etc. You can find lesson plans based on what you are focusing on in class. All academics are generally functional in a life skills class and should be related to real life as much as possible to benefit their quality of independent functioning in the future. Some companies that have different materials for students with disabilities are

You can also google the following companies and terms to find more information:
Mayer Johnson Company
EDMARK (reading, math, etc systems)
Touch Money
Touch Math
Lesson Plans for life skills students
Community Based Instruction

Tonya Said:

Does anyone have High and middle School Health Lesson plans they would be willing to share with me?

We Answered:

i'm planning on taking my physical test in high school

Pauline Said:

I need a unit (lesson plans) for immigration? (middle school stuff)?

We Answered:…

Valerie Said:

What's a fun English lesson plan for middle school students?

We Answered:

a game that i played in english was occasionally a game called typewriter.however it wont take 50 mintutes.

-everyone stnds up behind their chair
-the teacher picks a vocab word to use
-the person to the left of the teacher says the first letter of that word.the person to the left of that would say the second letter of the vocab word. it goes on for however the long the word is. however once the word is on the last letter the person who is going next willl say DING(mimickin typewriter) for example if the word is ocean it will go (first person) O, C, E, A, N, DING...then the person to who is next in line has to sit down.and they are out until the next game.

- also, u also sit sit down if u spell the letter wrong on a word

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