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Mark Twain Middle School

Elizabeth Said:

middle school help!!!!!!!!!!!!?

We Answered:

I don't know the difference between the listed schools, but go where you feel you belong. Have you got more friends at one particular school than another? Are some private & some public? I can only tell ya to go where you feel you'll get the most of what you do best & where you'll feel like you belong. Just take a piece of paper and write all the pros & cons of each school & then measure it out:-)


Warren Said:

year books..HELP PLEASE.!!?

We Answered:

I am not sure if this will help you but a lot of people donate their yearbooks to charities and thrift stores so you might find some there. A better place to look would be your school library or your local library as most of them keep this for people who do genealogy and such. Hope this helps.

Nicholas Said:

Crush Help in Middle School!?

We Answered:


This is what I think... it is really something up to you. I mean, at such young ages, we fall in love sooo easy, it's almost ridiculous. BTW, I am 16. Any ways, you really need to think about it.
What guy is ALWAYS nice to you?
What guy has a plan for life?
What guy is morally right whether it be with intimacy, religion, or family?
What guy will not tell you he loves you within the first month?

With my last question, you have to understand people do not know when it is "Love" or "Lust." You have to make the decision of would you still date that person if they weren't cute, rich, popular, or whatever it may be.

See what your friends think, because they will be honest... I am sure they are not in love with the same guys and always have your parents meet him, they will know right away if he is right for you!

Be safe, enjoy your life, and good luck!
=] Chris

Linda Said:

Will my husband come back home?And If So How Soon?

We Answered:

not any time soon

Edgar Said:

Mark Twain Letter Help?

We Answered:

Here are examples of letters that he wrote himself during that time. You can kind of get a sense of his language through that. He was not a man to beat around the bush, so you should ask him directly.…

Nathaniel Said:

Will you children learn any Chinese literature in middle school?

We Answered:

Not through the schools, I feel it is the parent's responsibility to introduce kids to literature like that, because the schools never have, and I don't expect them to start anytime soon. I haven't personally explored Chinese literature yet, though I'm quite fond of Russian lit. and different philosophical books as well. I was raised to love books, no matter who wrote them as long as they mean something to you and are well written.

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