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Math Activities For Middle School

Jesse Said:

End of School Year Activities?

We Answered:

If you are looking for fun math activities, try The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Go to and click on the teacher page. They offer a variety of lessons.

For science did you visit The National Science Teachers Assoc.

Hope this helps.

Herman Said:

What are some good/fun math activities for a sixth grader?

We Answered:

you can find anything you need for free online, from worksheets to curriculum to games. Here are my favorite site for my 6th grade girl. If you go back to the main menu, most of these go all the way to 8th grade math and pre algebra. The last one i'm listing is actually an algebra site that walks you through the steps of each lesson, very cool if you or her need the extra help.…

Dorothy Said:

Is a D considered a passing grade for Illinois public middle schools? What can I do to raise my math grade?

We Answered:

In some schools, D is not considering as a passing grade. D worth 1 credit which is not accepted in many schools.....

Roberta Said:

Hi im running for student treasurer in middle school and i need ideas what to write on my speech.?

We Answered:

if you make your speech funny they should vote for you. what i do when i make a speech like that is i change the lyrics of a popular song to fit your office. Like for a speech once i changed the words to gives you hell by the all american rejects and bleeding love by leona lewis to fit what i was running for. No one likes the same old boring stuff that kids do year after after year like i know how to count money good and i have the leadership skills jazz it up a little. Also a good idea that i used that won me senior class president is i posted huge signs all around campus saying
WE NEED A CHANGE!! then i put my name all around it kids will relate to this because that was barack obamas deal. Haha it was pretty funny
Hope this helped

Mathew Said:

How do you get middle grade students motivated in math class?

We Answered:

Been there, done that, good luck!

#1 Make sure they know YOU care about their skills. They can spot a phoney a mile off. (and that you don't care because it makes you look good of course, which seems to be why they think a person caresin the first place.) <sigh>

#2 Look into the Maths300 course from Australia. Hands on. High interest and Motivation. Highly adjustable skill levels.
Originally develped for Aborigional students, has applications for everyone. Takes an innovative approach to teaching math. Huge range of skills and abilities covered, yet can be individualized also. I taught at a Native American school that started using this. Students had a great response, i even had one student tell me math was fun again. It's not textbook math though, so be aware this can be a BIG criticism from parents and others. However, you can pick and choose to use different lessons as they fit in your prescribed curriculum. It's very adaptable, needs time though to get kids thinking outside the box again. Log in as a "guest" to take a look.

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