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Math Lesson Plans For Middle School

Ernest Said:

rate my lyrics plz and tell me what you think?

We Answered:

the lyrics are truely amazing.....i like how they arent 'obvious' if you get me ??
i honestly believe that could be a famous song...
just curious how were you going to go about singing it ?..i imagined it as like a kind of slightly slower rap....

its really good....get yourself noticed :)

Wayne Said:

rate this song i wrote please i need your opinion?

We Answered:

As a professional songwriter, I can tell you that your lyrics have potential but, they're way too long. You also appear to be lacking the most important ingredient for a hit song and that is the hook. You know, that part of the song often found in the chorus that repeats periodically throughout the song which sticks in your mind and you can't stop thinking about it. There are a lot of ideas in your lyrics that could become a good hook but, you need to totally reorganize the song and trim it down to no more than 5 minutes when recorded. If it were my idea for a song, I'd select the most important 12 lines and then create a great hook for a chorus and write some killer music to go with it and I'd be all set. The left over sections could be edited into another song. But, your concept for a song is not bad but, you've got a ballad there (you're telling a story) and ballads seldom make it to the top 20 list.

On the brighter side, it could make a good poem and poetry books are pretty big at the moment. My nephew is a published poet with three books to his credit and is making a good living doing it.

Jennifer Said:

How should I propose starting this program for helping students at my local library?

We Answered:

That's a great idea, but I would suggest starting small. I think a lot of kids would really benefit from it. Maybe call the schools and ask them their suggestions, maybe they would have an area you could use. Or maybe you could just post something on craigslist for free (it is free?) tutoring. The library wouldn't have to approve unless you started to bring in a lot of students. They can't stop you from meeting with a couple of students to help them with homework. But if it starts to grow, then you can approach the library and tell them that you have been doing it for X months, and now have Y students. So you would like to see if there was a way to get an area reserved.

Maria Said:

giver me your opinion for this song i wrote? it goes with this beat.

We Answered:

I had a little trouble following it with the beat, but I really do think it's great. A lot of feelings in there and well written. I like =]

Janice Said:

Do you think I can get into harvard under these conditions. Why or why not?

We Answered:

You are a very well rounded student. Your GPA is slightly under Harvards standards but you can bring that up.

Now you have to know Harvard is that best school in the country and all this wil give a small chance of getting in. You have to understand well over 20,000 people apply to Harvard a year and 7% of those 20,000 get in. I would go and research other people who have gotten into Harvard and see what they did compared to what you have.

One of my dads colleagues daughters got into Harvard and believe me it was far from easy for her. She worked all the time had the best grades about a 4.0 unweighted GPA tons of extra curriculars and I think what got her into to Harvard was the publicity she got for her 36 ACT. She was the only perfect ACT in Kansas that year. She was in the news paper, she was on the internet. She even did an interview on TV with a local news anchor, which my dad watched but I had to do something but he said she did great on the interview. This girl got accepted into other great schools including Harvard, she was accepted into MIT, Dartmouth, Yale. I do not know if she got into Princeton or Stanford she was on their weighting list. Even then I was thinking oh she is not going to get into Harvard and was shocked when she did. Her brother was accepted into Cal Tech, and he seemed a little smarter than her but he got a 35 ACT.

Harvard is a great school and they have tons of applicants a year, that will have an application nearly identical to yours. You have to do something that will make you stand out from the other applicants. I suggest you go look at other people who want or wanted to get into Harvard that had a high school resume similiar to yours and see if you can find something that will make you really stand out from them. I actually something you could do but I want you to figure out something on your own.

You seem like a very hard working student and will excel in life no matter what college you get into. I wish you luck on your harvard application, and don't worry about it you have plenty of time to prepare for your application.

I hope this answer was useful good luck.

Jenny Said:

Giver me your opinion for this song i wrote? it goes with this beat.

We Answered:

I hate to break it to you, but writing a song does not mean writing lyrics. Learn the difference. Also, you sound like a poser.

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