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Math Sites For Middle School

Scott Said:

Do you know of any websites that are fun for a middle school-er?

We Answered:

Go to type whatever you want in the search box and click search you will get more sites than anyone could list.

use the following search phrases:
middle school avatar
middle school customize

Troy Said:

home work help for middle school?

We Answered:

When I was in middle/high school, I frequented very regularly. They even had my school textbook on their page. They show you step-by-step instructions on pretty much all the problems STRAIGHT FROM THE TEXTBOOK. It's a very helpful site.

Ruby Said:

What are some good math sites for middle school..?

We Answered:

If you want to learn math from an online tutor then try They provide online tutoring in math 24/7. All the sessions are one-on-one.

They have some good math content also…

Warren Said:

Skeptics are quite fond of claiming that the Bible sets the value of pi at 3.0, which begs the question?

We Answered:

I never was too good at math. In fact, a contractor that I like to work with when doing projects on my house always schools me on my lack of fraction skills--he's quick, I'm slow and often inaccurate.

The point is, when looking for the value of an irrational number such as pi, or when looking for the answer to any complex mathematical question, I look to the experts. And, the experts are not the people who wrote the Bible. A problem arises when some religious people claim that the Bible was written by God, is inerrant ,and literally true in every passage. This is why some skeptics claim that the Bible sets the value of pi at 3--to illustrate in a concrete way that the Bible does contain fallacies & errors.

As for the ancient Greeks & Romans, I'm sure they had their issues too. As do we.

Carlos Said:

Any Good Sites For Summer Math For Freshmen and High Schoolers?

We Answered:

Math Help Links:………

Amy Said:

what are those middle-school math questions called where you:?

We Answered:

I don't remember doing this in middle-school, but what you're talking about sounds like Linear Programming, an application of Linear Algebra.

Check out the Wikipedia article on linear programming and see if it rings a bell. If it does, you can find a chapter on linear programming in just about any introductory textbook of Linear Algebra.

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