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Memorial Middle School

Sonia Said:

im going to 6th grade and are you suppose to register because your going to a new school?please help(:?

We Answered:

They were just telling you there was room for you in a class. Anyways they assumed you knew to get a registration packet. In it contains forms like poof you had the 6th grade physical and dental exam. Also, a form giving them permission to transfer your records from the last school for your parents to sign... You still have time to make a doctor's appointment, it's just height & weight checked, a question about diabetes and maybe a tetanus shot. Call them Monday to ask what teacher you are going to have, but they might not let you attend until you get the physical. The dental form could probably be turned in late.

Hilda Said:

What is this called in Spanish?

We Answered:

i've always called it a ''perezoso'' as wife is costa rican and that's how they refer to it

Leslie Said:

a story about a little boy in love with a girl and the girl who killed him?

We Answered:

wtf? Did you skip english class? You have to many spelling mistakes going on.

Carla Said:

What does anyone here think of the shooting at memorial middle school in Joplin,MO?

We Answered:

It's sick.

I think every school needs to post a guard and metal detectors at EVERY entrance...

Was this the one room school shooting? There's been like 3 shootings, and I cannot keep em all straight, though I dont watch the news and dont read it - just the special bullitens that pop up when the tv is on...

God Bless ANYONE who has had to deal with anythign like school shootings and I think anyone who would go into a school and shoot at kids - deserves to be put before a firing squad and shot in every limb of their body until they are in so much pain, they can finally be put out of their misery...

Jenny Said:

do memorial middle school have lockers orlando fl?

We Answered:

According to my daughter who has friends there, say yes the do. Hope this helps.

Katie Said:

Would it be inappropriate for me to go to a memorial service of someone I didn't know?

We Answered:

Although you didn't know the person who died it sounds like your friends need your support. I think it would be perfectly appropriate for you to attend the memorial as the guest of your friends. It's very hard to come to terms with suicide when it happens, your friends are going to be sad for the loss of the person who died and will need your love and understanding. They'll need someone to talk to about how they feel about the situation, by asking you to attend the memorial with them they've made it obvious that they can talk to you and feel safe with you. Be there for your friends in grieving.

Harry Said:

help me!? middle school help!?

We Answered:

Well, as a freshman in high school who was out-of-her-mind nervous for the first day, I can tell you what I would have done differently. I would have first of all had a better attitude. I know it sounds weird, but if you tell yourself that you are confident and outgoing and if you think in a positive way, you'll just get in the habit of thinking in that way. It takes some getting used to, but is very worth it. Next of all, I would have been more talkative. It's scary, trust me, I know. But just be confident and believe in yourself and people will like you.

It's different than elementary school, that's true. But everyone in your grade is in the same boat. They're all nervous about getting picked on, they all want to do well, they all want to make friends. Be a friend to make a friend. And make sure that you talk to who you're sitting by in class (unless they are like, a total snob or a total nerd). They might seem distant at first, but they are probably just shy and nervous like you. But trust me, it's the people who are confident and talkative that make friends in sixth grade, basically regardless of how they look. And by gettting involved and doing well, people are attracted to you.

Sixth graders are ridiculously insecure, I myself was as well. No one wants to be a nerd. And just remember that if you talk to people, while there will be ones you don't exactly click with, you WILL make friends. Just be yourself, have a good attitude, and try hard. Someday you will wonder why you worried so much.

Good luck:)

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