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Middle School Age

Mike Said:

What is an attractive middle school age appropriate costume?

We Answered:

it's according 2 wat u need 2 b
fun? stick with lady gaga
scary? we can think it over

Veronica Said:

Where can middle school age students go for spring break in the US?

We Answered:

Florida! PBC all fun places to go. Just watch out for guys. You can expect a lot of high school/college students getting wasted and crap like that. Thats from my experience.

Hope you have fun.

Rose Said:

Is it cool to have sex at middle school age?

We Answered:

You're correct. It is NOT okay to have sex when you're in middle school. When you're a teen and preteen, having sex is NOT okay. That may be hypocritical, since I had sex as a teen, but it's just awful that some kids are having sex when they're in middle school. It is NOT cool. It does NOT make you popular. Anyone who thinks that doesn't deserve to have children. A child is not like a new, $500 pair of's a human being. Some people don't understand that, unfortunately.

Katrina Said:

what is the basic format for a middle school age person to write a book report?

We Answered:

Well first off, maybe you should let them use the method's that their teacher uses. But if you don't want to do that, the basic format is give the following information:

-How many pages
-Setting (describe in detail)
-Characters(describe in detail)
-Conflict (describe in detail)
-Likeability (would you recommend this book?)

Morris Said:

What are some good Middle School age books copywriters in the last 8 years?

We Answered:

and what does this have to do with drinking if u don't mind me asking?.

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