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Middle School Algebra

Alvin Said:

Is it possible to eliminate Algebra at a public middle school?

We Answered:

no you could go on to geometry or algebra II. Its possible that the algebra teacher could teach you them, but some kids at my school go off campus because they are in such a high class

Charles Said:

can anyone recommend a good book that would supplement middle-school algebra?

We Answered:

I had the same problem. I had 3 kids take to the Dr. Math series and one to the Unplugged. The one who liked Unplugged was older thought. I provided links to Amazon for both below.

Good luck

Jamie Said:

What would be a good science fair title for the question "Can adults pass a middle school algebra 1 test?"?

We Answered:

LOL. That is a very good science fair project. I think you should do it. :)

Andrea Said:

This middle school algebra same as college algebra?

We Answered:

It is doubtful that your middle school algebra text is equivalent to college algebra. Most high school algebra texts are not equivalent either. Algebra is a fairly big topic and most of your middle through high school courses will be spiralling your instruction up to the entry level for college algebra. Here is an exmaple. Most of Algebra I is dealing with simple relationships and linear equations. Algebra II in high school begins to introduce you to quadratic equations. In college you will brush past these two with great speed and move into other functional relationships.

Jon Said:

does anyone know of a good book I can get so I can learn and help my daughter with middle school algebra?

We Answered:

Math for Dummies. In fact that publisher has a whole series of books for most everything from computer to cooking. (insert title) For Dummies. The book is Black and Yellow.

Also, look for books published by Schaum. I used an Organic Chem book of theirs; it was good.

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