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Middle School Art Curriculum

Tonya Said:

I'm 13 and I would like to go to Art School?

We Answered:

Dear you artwork is good but it don't have that professional look in it. Although they are funny, dramatic but still keep that professional edge to it. I can understand your age factor, and i am happy that in this age your artwork is damn good. Going to Art school is a good option. Secondly there is one more advice try to show your art work to the world, to the senior designers and get their views and suggestions. submit your art work in different graphic galleries. some of which i know are below:……
try last link you will find many different galleries for your work. this would help you in getting more exposure too.
plus try to participate in some online graphic design contests / free lance projects, That would motivate you more.

Zachary Said:

Where can I find examples of middle and high school English/language arts curriculums?

We Answered:

Go to any Department of Elementary and Secondary Education state websites. Within the site, you will links to different middle and high school sites. Most of the schools will have their curriculum links. Plus, most of these DESE sites will have model curriculums for you examination.

Cecil Said:

Help - Student Teacher?

We Answered:

As a student teacher, you job is to shut up. Seriously not to seem mean but you need a good reccomendation to get a job and you have to jump through the hoop of doing whatever your mentor teacher tells will have your own classroom soon and will do fabulous I'm sure but right now, you are in hers and you have to do it her way....
I have a quiet fvoice too and I ring a bell...we practice...make the kids practice...then say
If you can hear my voice clap your hands..
If you can hear my voice, put your hands in the air (makes them stop touching anything at their tables). Compliment people and give them pieces of candy...middle schoolers love candy and honestly I think it is your only hope because you teach middle school and the kids know you are a student techer.

It will be over soon, just get through it and get a good reccomendation. This will all be over.

Raul Said:

What school should i send my daughter to?

We Answered:

It is possible to do both - my daughter was in a similar boat. She stayed in the gifted program and remained active in theater and dance. Look for a good school that offers both.

Lucille Said:

What are your curriculum's/class schedules for 9Th grade and 7Th grade home school?

We Answered:

I teach a sixth grader and here is what she has learned or is learning:

Ancient History/ Middle Ages ( completed her book)
Greek and Latinn Root words
Language Arts, which includes: Vocabulary, Poetry, Reading, Composition, Oral Report, Genres, Presentation and much more.
Abeka Math ( pre Algebra, Geometry etc.
Earth Science ( finished Book Abeka) also does a Science Lab weekly
Health ( Abeka)

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