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Middle School Art Lesson Plans

Ramona Said:

Which do you think sounds like a better plan for my situation, a major in graphic design or music production?

We Answered:

The graphic arts appears to me to be more certain in terms of employment and steady income./

Raul Said:

Should I Take Aikido or Eskrima/Escrima?

We Answered:

Either of it are good style, only you need qualified Instructors to attain quality, efficient accurate and effective techniques.

Just like Shienaran said, Canete's Doce Pares are the most efficient arnis / escrima style because others had been originate from it, because you are Filipina then it would better if you consider taking such as part of traditional promotion, but things are up to your own will, if what will is the available one near your place, then better search for the lineage of the Instructor and the accomplishments he had been done regarding his teachings.

But, last decision is up to you, just follow your will and heart, if what would the great favor to you that make you satisfy at all, it is more better if you observe first on any available dojo at your place, ask some important questions regarding things that you want to know, this is the most advisable way for you to ease and relieve your main concern, the most important is your main objectives for doing it.

Good luck


Marion Said: for getting in?

We Answered:

1 Read
2 Check out the local papers for auditions in the arts section
3 Take a class. anywhere. everywhere.
4 Discipline. Do your homework. find roles you like. music you like. shows you like. Genres you like.
5 Take some initiative. There is no one single 'in'...,
I have always written my own shows and performed them. I found a local summer stock theatre program where I spent my summers. I took a job to pay for it. I worked in the mornings, then went to school, after school drama club, and worked again in the evenings nearly my entire senior year. To quote the Indigo Girls, "...there's more than one answer to these questions, pointed in a crooked line...."
Break a leg -SEC

Kristina Said:

Jeez! Does he like me or not?!?!?

We Answered:

if he doesn't talk to you and you two don't really know each other, i don't think he likes you. he might be annoyed if you've been making really obvious signs. i have a friend who really likes this guy but he's just annoyed at her all the time... maybe you should just lay off

Kyle Said:

What are my chances of being accepted at Brown University?

We Answered:

Your activities seem great. You aren't like the other applicants who have somewhat random activities. You seem to be really strong in music, especially singing, and you are also very accomplished. That's good. The bad part is, you only have a few more opportunities to take both the SAT I and your SAT Subject Tests. With you current SAT I scores, you will not get in, just because it appears that you really are not strong at math or english, two essential parts of education. A 700 in each section may not cut it either. The median for a school like Brown is probably around 2160-2190 (average of 720 to 730 per section). Bear in mind that the people below this median can be legacies, athletes or minorities. That means that if you are lacking those things, you really need a 2220-2250 to be in the ball park. THat means you need to average 740 to 750 in each section. THat is a bit drastic of a change from your current scores, but if you can do it, you put yourself in range for the school. In addition, you have to make sure all of those SAT subject tests (maybe you can get away with just 2) are above 750. I think your activities and GPA are great, but your standardized test scores CAN keep you out of a school.

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