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Middle School Art Lessons

Craig Said:

What is it like in High School/middle school In the USA?

We Answered:

I'm 20 and graduated high school nearly two years ago, but your school doesn't sound too far off from US schools. There's the different groups of people here of course, and I've never seen Mean Girls, but the impression I get from what I know about that movie is that in real life, at least in my experiences, groups aren't that cliquey. They do stay with their own groups for the most part, but they interact with others, it's not like they all necessarily hate each other or anything. And actually although my middle school and high school had the stereotypical groups like the preps/jocks/popular kids, the goths/weird kids, the nerds/geeks, the academic/overachiever types, the gangster/hip-hop types, and so on, I went to a very urban school that had a lot of division of race. The whites hung out with the whites, and blacks with the blacks, and the hispanics with the hispanics, and so on. The whites had the further division with the aforementioned groups like preps and goths and so on, but I didn't notice that so much with the other races.
My schools had 7 periods a day (actually I was in a unique situation that I don't believe is all that common in the US where my school district has a central school in addition to separate high schools and that central school had classes the regular high schools didn't have (like I took German and radio/film there because my regular high school didn't have those) and you could choose to go there, but didn't have to. Since I did, I actually really only had 6 periods a day because one of the periods had to be used to travel from one school to the other).
My high school had certain requirements. Out of the four years of high school (9th-12th grades), we had to take various courses including 4 years of English, 3 each of Math, Science, and Social Studies, (all of those would be everyday classes) along with other requirements including electives we could choose from such as art, music, foreign language, and things like that. For most kids at my high school they had PE on alternating days (the other days they'd have study hall, which is where they just sit and do homework, or rather, knowing the kids at my school they'd just mess around and not get anything done), but since I went to that central school my district had, I took PE there and some years it was twice a week, another it was just once, and one year I didn't even have to take it at all just because of the way my schedule worked out. As far as homework went, that was assigned on a class by class basis, so some days I could get a lot if all of my classes assigned it, other days I got practically nothing.

Lena Said:

Why does no one like me???? Will high school be easier?

We Answered:

I went to Catholic school from preschool to 8th grade then i went to a public high school. It was really hard at first ( im now a Junior) and i encountered the same problem with the groups and cliques, but i encourage you to not try to pretend like you something your not. Be yourself and you will make friends with all kinds of different people, i promise :) and if the kids are rude to you then why would you want to be fiends with them? there is NOTHING wrong with flying solo, you'll probably even eventually make friend with others who are also alone, it always works like this. Just keep your head up and push through it

Samantha Said:

Art teachers--what kind of lessons do your students like?

We Answered:

Teaching Resources

This is a shot in the dark but I hope that some of the links will help.

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Kevin, Liverpool, England.

Keith Said:

Did something happen to me between middle& high school.?

We Answered:

Wow that sounds weird! I cant really say but maybe it's because the fact that you're in high school makes you subconsciously convert into working hard mode. That or your middle school teachers did a pretty good job teaching you stuff. Another reason might be because high school doesn't have as many project assignments. Then again what do I know I'm 12 xD" I was just typing random stuff. But it might be one of these reasons~! Hey ya never know! ^-^

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