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Middle School Art

Richard Said:

hillsdale middle school art project?

We Answered:

the only artist named william johnson that comes up on Google is william henry johnson. Are you sure that's not him?

If it's definitely not, ask/email your teacher where to find books on him.

Craig Said:

What do you do in high school art classes?

We Answered:

it dependss on your teacher nd the specific art class your art teacherr because i took art my junior year because i needed the credit and it was actually fun. The teacher had us doing actual work though like some people dont do things in Art while others do alot. She did grade us on our work but if you try you wont really fail! We would paint and stff make mask and cups nd stuff.! Dont worry about it trust its different for everyone. And middle school is not the same as high school the work amount is much higher. But they wont expect you to make sculptures and stff. they just expect you to show your artistic side. so dnt wrry

Jerry Said:

What are the best colored pencils for a Middle School Art Class?

We Answered:

I'm a art instructor at my local Boys and Girls club, If you can buy in bulk try to get "prismacolor" for your older students. But if not I'd go for the Crayola or Prang or Colorific(which is a hard pencil type), those are pretty good quality and won't break as easily as the soft colored pencils. If you get the real good soft stuff for the young ones, they're just going to break them and chew them up in the sharpener.

Patsy Said:

what classes should i take to become a middle school art teacher?

We Answered:

If you're in the US, the first thing would be to check with your state's department of education. If you're in college, check with someone in the school of education; if you're still in high school, your counselor should be able to help you.

Here in Pennsylvania, middle school teachers can be certified in either elementary or secondary education, and some schools are offering specialized training for working with middle school students.

You would also take a LOT of art classes in addition to the education classes required for a teaching certificate.

Dean Said:

What's a good topic for middle school students to make art of?

We Answered:

Creation of peace
Your view of the world

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