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Middle School Career Test

Lewis Said:

Is there a website I can go to for an "Aptitude Test" or a test that will give me career direction?

We Answered:

If it were me, I would just do something that you enjoy or look around at job descriptions and see something that you would like to do.

There's no point following a career that a website told you to if you're gonna be bored to tears. :)

If I were you, I would look for a test that shows you what your strengths and weaknesses are (e.g Leadership, working in a team, creativity etc.) and see from there which jobs suit your strengths.… - This is a great site for job descriptions and that link is a Skills + Interests test, kind of a two-in-one. try it, its good. :)

Ronald Said:

what career is best for me?

We Answered:

click on the link and read:

Ellen Said:

Career Test online?

We Answered:

There are quite a few of them. Do a search for "interest inventories" or "aptitude inventories" and you will find them. They are usually for young people of high school or university age. Also, talk to your school guidance counselor and you may get a few more leads.

Marion Said:

Questions about my high school career and college.?

We Answered:

I think you are putting a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. Universities care about GPA, SAT / ACT scores, and to a lesser extent extra-curriculars.

If your goal is a competitive university then you will need at least a 3.0 GPA in high school. Furthermore it is important to have a challenging schedule. What is challenging? Usually this means taking courses like math, sciences, and english courses beyond what your high school requires while avoiding as much as possible courses like introduction to basket weaving or art.

At university I knew students from Mexico who took Spanish as their foreign language and it was not held against them by the university. A lot of students who have parents from another country take their parent's country language in high school in order to connect with their parent's culture and historic culture

In regard to SAT scores you need to be above the 50th percentile and the higher your percentile ranking the better schools you can be accepted.

Extra-curriculars in the scheme of things do not matter as much as grades and test scores. Extra-curriculars become important if you are looking towards an ivy-league school or your application is marginal. By marginal if your profile (test score and grades) for a particular is boarderline having extra-curriculars on your application may help with you being accepted.

My recommendation to you would be as follows. Avoid putting unnecessary pressure on yourself. Do not worry so much about the details but see the larger picture. I would recommend this year begin to research different universities and their entrance requirements. Pick a few that you are interested in and use them as a guide of what you need to do in order to be accepted. In your junior year I would recommend preparing for your ACT / SAT with a look at taking them in June between your junior and senior year. Finally I would recommend right after your senior year begins to start your college appications.

Delores Said:

What is a good Career Information Site?

We Answered:


The Library has lots of information also.

Good luck.

Alex Said:

can a middle school suspension hurt you in trying to get into a highschool?

We Answered:

She is to young to make it a issue.

Carla Said:

what is the best career aptitude test online?

We Answered:

same problem here! iv searched a lot, couldn't find anything interesting, there's one which is free
hope it helps and Good Luck…

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