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Middle School Curriculum

Dawn Said:

Can someone suggest curriculum for beginning a middle school video production class?

We Answered:

First, search Google or Yahoo (same difference) for any online curricula for video production. Many school districts are putting their curricula and standards online, and you might be able to 'borrow' theirs.

Chances are you will need to create this yourself. Think of what you want the students to be able to do at the end of the course. These will be your standards for the course--then break them down by weeks (or quarters, or whatever) and write down what students need to know and do in order to reach those standards. There you go--one curriculum!

Peter Said:

Resource to help me write a curriculum for middle and high school students to teach entrepreneurship skills?

We Answered:

Here are some resources I found for you:…………

If these are not enough, try Googling "middle and high school entrepreneurship curriculum". Best of luck. I am sure there are free curriculum guides as well as commercial programs out there to help you so that you do not have to "reinvent the wheel".

Andrew Said:

Where to buy middle school curriculum for homeschooling in San Jose?

We Answered:

It isn't fair that people get two points just for fake-answering. :(
Anyway, did you ask a local homeschool support group, like the one listed below (free scholars)?
One place to try is Learning Rainbow. I'll list their website below free scholars. They're going to be having a teacher's "flea market" where you can check out used curriculum! Morrison School Supplies is supposed to have a bit of everything, also. Maybe this would give you a start. I went under Google and typed in San Jose CA and teacher supply and homeschool. Those are only a couple that showed up. Looks like you have quite a lot available in your area.

Oh, and I hope you'll take advantage of local places, such as your zoo! I bet you they offer homeschool programs.

Good luck. I hope I at least pointed you in the right direction!

Patricia Said:

Does anyone know of any good middle school Leadership curriculum?

We Answered:

Although this is a high school teacher, I think the ideas will be useful:
I am a high school Activities Director with a Leadership class. We meet 4 days a week on a modified block schedule. I try to do lessons twice a week, keeping them to only 20 minutes or so. Here are two lessons that I have had success with and hope you can incorporate into your classroom.…

Here is a useful article:
Middle Level Leadership Handbook. National Leadership Camp Curriculum--Student Guide.…

New! Leadership With Class Resource Kit & Coaching
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Have you dreamt of hosting a Leadership With Class program for your organization, business, or school ? Has there been an obstacle of finding the right time or budget to pay for Susan's professional facilitation? If so, then this "Leadership with Class" resource kit is just what you need for a valuable leadership experience with real results... Click here to learn more!…

Terrance Said:

Japanese translation; congratulations for having successfully completed the middle school curriculum.?

We Answered:

Area52 was first in, and give the points to him, but it might have slipped his mind that not everybody can read kanji (^_-)
What he said, in case you don't know, is:
Chuugaku no gakushuu katei wo shuuryou sareta koto, oyorokobi moushiagemasu.

Joshua Said:

Why is The Giver by Lois Lowry part of middle school curriculum?

We Answered:

The themes of love and honoring differences make it a wonderful book. I am an 8th grade language arts teacher and The Giver is the single thing I do every year that the kids report getting the most out of.

Terrence Said:

Does anyone know of a good home school curriculum for a middle school aged child?

We Answered:

I plan to use Memoria press. It is a Classical Education Curriculum

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