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Middle School Dictionary

Vickie Said:

What are some good logic/ethics/philosophy books for a middle school student?

We Answered:

Introducing Logic, Epistemology and Ethics: An Integrative Companion to Classical and Contemporary Readings by H. E. Cline

Jerry Said:

Will someone tell me what you think of half of a chapter in my book?

We Answered:

only half i want more that was great when did you do that i love it made me laugh a bit so it cheered me up oh and again it absolutely great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cory Said:

why do teachers always say to get a dictionary?

We Answered:

Dictionaries are organized alphabetically, that means they start with the letter,"A". If you don't know what letter the word you're trying to spell starts with, I suggest you repeat grade one, lol.

Ella Said:

Where can I find a ballet dictionary?

We Answered:

Here you go, hope this helps:……

Eddie Said:

There're some expression here I need to expain to middle school students in a vivid& interesting way.?

We Answered:

Have them draw a picture of the literal saying then maybe do one of what it really means. Writing a short story would work too.

Anthony Said:

What is the best Latin online dictionary???

We Answered:

The one I like the best is this one, it does Latin to English and vice versa:

But I strongly recommend that you get a regular dictionary and not rely solely on online sources. I have a Cassell's Latin Dictionary that I have had for over 20 years; it is the only one I ever needed. It got me through 6 years of Latin, 3 of which were at the college level. You can get them at for a decent price. The hardcover edition is better than the paperback, and worth the extra cost. The list price is $25, and they are selling it for $16.50. Check out their used section as well. $3.50 per item shipping charge applies on those.

Samantha Said:

How to be organized in middle school?

We Answered:

I color coded. For example, science would be green and math would be purple. I suggest that you have a pencil case for all the writing materials and erasers. For all others, if you have a compartment in your back pack, use that, or you can get another pencil case.

Be sure to get folders as well for all the loose papers that the teachers give you, otherwise your notebook will quickly become a clutter. Reinforce-rs for loose leaf is also convenient in case the papers get loose.

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