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Middle School Experiments

Jennie Said:

does anyone know any experiments on atomic bombs for a middle school research paper ?

We Answered:

The Bikini Atomic Experiments. It's got a great wiki page that will give you everything you need to know. Good luck!

Kristin Said:

Can someone give me an interesting middle school experiment?

We Answered:

heat absorbtion based on color.

measure temperature change using different colors.

Jamie Said:

what is a good Compare science experiment for middle school?

We Answered:

Compare how different drinks (soda, milk, water, etc.) affect a tarnished penny. Get lots of pennies, sort them by tarnish level, pick enough that are very similar. Dip each penny part way into one of the drinks, take pictures of the results. Use software to measure the before & after brightness. Chart the values, and write it up. If you have several dip times, you can have several graphs.

Measure battery energy storage of brands of batteries, including rechargeables. Have them run a light bulb in the dark, and use a web cam to measure a brightness curve for each run.

Vera Said:

Possible middle school science experiments with volcanoes, or earthquakes?

We Answered:

make a paper-mache volcano and then put a mixture of vinegar and food-colouring, preferably red into it, drop baking soda into it, and it will start the volcanic process. It you google easy science experiment, etc... you'll probably find lots of different things to do.

Reginald Said:

what are some good social physcology experiments for a middle school science fair?

We Answered:

You tell me? any fair any time

Jon Said:

What is a good Compare science experiment for middle school?

We Answered:

Try to find someone locally who has had some education in science and get them to help you. If nothing else, perhaps a science teacher from your school or another school. It's really hard to teach concepts you don't have. The good news is that people who understand science are usually enthusiastic about helping others learn, especially kids.

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