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Middle School Gpa Calculator

Pauline Said:

Would I be accepted into any Ivy league?

We Answered:

As other people said, it's too early to say anything.

Few advices:

you already know that you have to keep your GPA high. So I'll skip. Don't be afraid of taking difficult classes. Schools can distinguish the differences between a student who has 4.0 GPA in easy classes and a student who has 3.7 GPA with bunch of AP classes.

Playing music or sports are important factors to be considered in ivy league schools (demonstrating that you are well-rounded person instead of a lifeless student who knows nothing but to study).

Volunteer and take leaderships. ivy league gives a great emphasis on leadership.

Be creative to present yourself to the schools. I have a friend who's caucasian, never visited China, but wrote her essay in Chinese (self-learned). She got accepted to everywhere, including Ivy, Princeton, and Stanford. I know you are Asian, but you get the idea what it means by being creative.

Chad Said:

What more do I need to do to get into MIT?

We Answered:

You will need to raise your GPA and retake the SAT for a much higher score. Sorry, but unless you have something like a 2300, MIT just isn't interested. The good news is that there are a lot of schools which will be interested in you. MIT, though, is not looking for well-rounded students. They are looking for those who are extremely focused on math and science academics.

Rose Said:

Is a middle or high school GPA different from a college GPA?

We Answered:


The online calculators for universities usually allow you to input the credit hours for the course. These would not work well for middle school classes as the terms and credits are much different.

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