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Middle School Graduation Speeches

Ross Said:

What should I write about for my middle school graduation speech?

We Answered:

You have been given an honor. Take it seriously. I would start with a story about how you and your classmates were when you came.
Then tell one incident that is funny but nice. Tell one incident that is emotional and will make some people get teary eyed. Thank everybody. Be careful about using names because some will feel left out since you can't call them all unless it is a small school. If it is small, speak about each briefly and have them stand to be recognized. Or recognize various groups and have them stand--all 8th grade teachers and say something nice, all 7th graders in the audience and give them some advice, etc.
Don't try to be a smart-a. This is a serious formal occasion. And it is your serious, formal occasion.

Run it by your English or speech teacher before you give the speech.

Vincent Said:


We Answered:

Talk about your favorite memory/ies, your experience going through graduating, and your plans for highschool and beyond. Also, talk about how amazing your peers are and how incredible they will be. You know, all the crap that sounds really sentimental.

Bradley Said:

What can I talk about in my middle school graduation speech about tolerance?

We Answered:

You know a good way to start out to grab their attention? Use some insensitive terms! Seriously! Call someone a loser or use some stereotype (example: I love country music, so say something about people who like country music are toothless inbred hicks), then go into why it's so wrong to believe stereotypes and how it leads to intolerance.

Oh, and make sure you point out that calling people "right wing fundamentalist kooks" is intolerant as well. Somehow the people who preach tolerance seem to think it's okay to insult conservative Christians.

Tom Said:

Middle school graduation speech?

We Answered:

talk about how you have been waiting for this all year and how excited you are for high school...

my middle school speech topic is weird...


we look to the future, we dont look behind, because this is our year... 2009

Jill Said:

middle school graduation speech, help?

We Answered:

Try this website and read some examples. it will give you some ideas.

Katrina Said:

Middle School Graduation Speech?

We Answered:

hmm you could start off by saying :: Have you ever herd the poem " Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold, a circle is long it has no end, thats how long i want to be your friend ! " well i have and now i belive it. During my middle school year i have made many new friends .. bla bla bla bla bla bla.. u continue the rest. [= hope this helps [=

Audrey Said:

I'm writing a middle school graduation speech... Do you have a theme/topic?

We Answered:

I think that is a Great Topic and how kids get side tracked with little things and destroy their future and end up paying for it. The goal is to keep your eyes on the Prize and not worry about what everyone else is doing. Set you mind on what you need to do and go for it. Peer Pressure is a HUGH destructive issue, and that includes drinking alcohol and using drugs. Hang with the winners and you will be a winner...... God Bless ReggieR

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