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Middle School Health

Stacy Said:

Do they mix health classes in middle school?

We Answered:

Some schools mix genders and some don't. It should be fine though, not much awkward stuff happens. And you most likely won't get mad fun of or left out or anything. The teachers for health classes especially are always making sure none of that stuff happens in health. Don't worry, it'll be fine. Really. You don't ONLY learn about sex ed and stuff. There's units covering drugs/alcohol, diets, depression, etc. Nothing to worry about. :]

Tina Said:

What are some good Nutrition activities for a middle school health fair?

We Answered:

There are so many interesting ideas you can do on this subject.. all of which promote health and good nutrition.………………

Some activities could include common foods that people and kids enjoy being prepared and served. Both as the normal preparation and as the healthy version preparation. (For example applesauce can be used in the place of butter in cakes and cookies and the desserts still taste great).

An idea for a great for you drink on a hot day:

2/3 c. Lemon juice
3/4 c. Sugar (or sugar substitute)
2 quarts Cold water/finely crushed ice 1:1 parts
1 c. Sliced strawberries (fresh)
1 c. Smashed strawberries (fresh)

To smash strawberries: place in pitcher, and mash with
potato masher. Add remaining ingredients. Mix all together,
and let chill for 2 - 3 hours. Stir before serving. Very
refreshing for a Summer barbecue, or a day at the beach.

Search Meal Ideas:…

Fernando Said:

Is health required in middle school?

We Answered:

not in my old school, it was high school stuff. MZ

Jessie Said:

what do teachers teach in middle school health?

We Answered:

Every state has standards. Here is a link to California's:…

Marshall Said:

Can an RN teach health or science class in middle/high school?

We Answered:

I think the answer to this is yes, but it may depend upon the state. I have been in schools where the school nurse has taught health classes. I'm not sure about regular science classes. There is so much more involved with certification requirements and the Praxis exam.

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