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Middle School Language Arts

Priscilla Said:

Middle school/High school English/Language Arts teachers: What are the pros and cons of your job?

We Answered:

I'm a middle school LA teacher. I have to admit, I find it a challenging age group developmentally....the boys rough house (in fun) in the halls not realizing they are blocking the entire hall and/or intimidating everyone smaller than they are in the process....the girls often say very unkind things about each other. These are things I try to work on with them and while they talk with me and understand--they are so act first/think later, that we have the same conversations over & over.

On the positive side, they may be just about adult size--but they are still kids and learn well with games & group work which is fun for them (and fun for me to facilitate). Also, if the material is presented in a positive way--they kids really want to learn and will give me their full effort.

I think the pros well outweigh the cons, but you have to have a sense of humor with this age group!

Judy Said:

How much do middle school language arts textbooks usually cost (CA)?

We Answered:

i think that every school is different but at my school its $60 dollars

Sarah Said:

FUN homework 4 middle school Language Arts: Reward: $5 gift card for the best suggestion(s) !!!!!?

We Answered:

A good one is to write a paragraph where every sentence starts with a letter from the alphabet in order. Ex...A....B....C....
so u should have a 26 sentenced-paragraph!

Judith Said:

Books Read in Middle School Language Arts Classes?

We Answered:

Hmm, here's something to think about. One timeduring mddle school my teacher did a 1 month section on utopi---
ahh screw it i'll just answer your question directly
-The Giver
-The Hatchet by gary paulson
-Fahrenheit 451 by ray bradbury
-The Crucible by
-Romeo and Juliet (my god the advanced cass sucked)

Vickie Said:

Middle School Language Arts Teachers...?

We Answered:

I LOVED teaching middle school. But you have to find the right school that fits you.

I did a lot of Literature Circles in various genre's and Writer's Workshops. We did a lot Short Story study. I also did a lot of tie-in units with the Social Studies teacher (i.e. they studied Salem Witch Trials, we read Witch of Blackbird Pond). Your units will depend on the curriculum in your area.

I respected the kids and they respected me. They knew that I did not play - but we would have fun in my class. But I had a great team, great principal, so I had a lot of fun teaching there myself.

Ask to job shadow a MS teacher before you invest time and money. Most would be happy to have someone check out becoming a teacher.

Josephine Said:

What math is involves when becoming a middle school language arts teacher?

We Answered:

well, you need to know up to like algebra which is generally 9th grade math.

Well, I would say word problems involve writing and correct grammar, you need to learn how to read and write obviously and that's part of a language arts program, and some math teachers like to teach their students some history about math like who invented algebra, the Pythagorean Theorem, stuff like that, and they make their students write a 1 or 2 page research paper, and that all has to do with language arts. So see, I showed you 4 ways language arts and math are integrated.

Marilyn Said:

What is the value of having 5 minutes of dictation in language arts in middle school?

We Answered:

Yes! As an experiment, I gave dictation to my high school French students once a week during the last school year. Over time, their grammar, spelling and punctuation skills improved at a greater pace than my students' second language skills in previous years. Their overall listening and comprehension skills also developed at a faster rate, and they began to enjoy some of the topics chose. Dictation worked well as a vocabulary acquisition tool, and we had good discussions about some of the expressions used. Some of my juniors told me that they felt the vocabulary learned boosted their ACT or SAT scores. I plan to continue with dictation in the coming school year.

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