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Middle School Life Science

Hilda Said:

K12 Homeschool Life Science Middle School course?

We Answered:

K12 can be used 3 ways:
through a virtual public charter school
through the K12 Academy which is a virtual private school
purchased and used independent from being enrolled in either of the above.

If you are enrolled in a virtual public school or in the K12 academy, you will have teacher support etc.

Josephine Said:

I need a quick middle school level science project on life science. Help please!!!! This is urgent.?

We Answered:

OK, how about looking at how different fertilizers affect pea seedling growth? It's interesting, cheap and quick.

Naomi Said:

What tests do I need to take to become a middle school/high school science teacher in CA?

We Answered:

Your best bet is ti contact the California state department of education or a local college that has an education program for middle school/high school science for accurate answers./

Guy Said:

Middle School Life Science Fair Project?

We Answered:

I did a project about renewable energy sources. I made a small scale model of a windmill, and used foil, etc., to heat water (solar). One bottle of water was painted black and the other was clear, because the dark bottle will heat up better. Then I wrote a long report. You may be able to turn the idea into a fair project, I basically just did a report.

Agnes Said:

Middle School Science Fair Project Life Science?

We Answered:

Air pressure is an easy thing to play around with. Have a look at some of the experiment ideas at...…

for instance, and see what you come with.

Ryan Said:

I am in middle school and I am required to make a science fair project.?

We Answered:

Why not do a project on DNA? You can make a diagram as well. :) It'd fall into life science, I think?

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