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Middle School Math Activities

Yvonne Said:

what are some activities listed below that middle schoolers can do?

We Answered:

I think that middle schoolers can do all of the ones listed above.

Guy Said:

Middle school is almost over and we are done with work what are some fun activities to do durung class?

We Answered:

ok well here is what we did ( or what i wanted to do ):

Art ~ Tye dye t-shirts

Social studies~ renacted the civil war ( with water balloons of course ~ pretty fun)

LA~ Had a poertry reading ( maybe with coffee and everything)

Math~ had a probability carnival with probability games

James Said:

Find the number of combinations (middle school math help)?

We Answered:

no, it would be:

8 nCr 3 = 56
6 nCr 3 = 20

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