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Middle School Math Help

Terry Said:

Teachers, help with middle school math interactive journals! All tips and ideas welcome.?

We Answered:……
all the best

Lorraine Said:

Middle school math homework!Okay q is to the second power is the answer one or two???!! plz help?

We Answered:

You can say that "the second power" is written as ^2 or if it's to the forth power ^4, ect.

so q^2+2q=2q^2
Plug in both 1 and 2, and see which one is correct.
1^2 +2(1)= 2(1)^2
1+2=4 incorrect.

4+4=8 correct
So it's 2.

Billy Said:

i need help with middle school math homework?

We Answered:

The area of a parallelogram is base times height, a = b * h

a = 91

b = 2*h - 1 (base is one unit less than twice the height)

91 = (2h - 1)*h
2h*h - h - 91 = 0

Then you solve for h. That is a tricky one! Once you have h, b = 2h - 1 :)

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