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Middle School Math Projects

Wendy Said:

what does area mean in middle school math?

We Answered:

Area is the measurement of a surface defined by a enclosed shape. It is in two dimensions so it defines a plane.

Maxine Said:

Does anyone have any "service learning projects" for a middle school math class?

We Answered:

How about painting some rooms (or other areas) for a community organization? They almost always can use a fresh coat of paint somewhere. Students can put their math skills to use calculating how much paint is needed and how long it will take to complete.

Antonio Said:

middle school math exit project with model?

We Answered:

I'm going to assume that you need a math project to do in your class?
Here are some ideas:
tetrahedron kites -

origami -

Here is a whole website for math projects -

texas-instruments has tons of things to do with graphing calculators if you have access to one:

Glenn Said:

Is there any websites that you know of that i can get online Middle School Math Word Problems, with answers?

We Answered:

go to this site and at the top look towards the right and you should see calculator click it and select which type of calculator you want to use. ex. Scientific calculator. Type in your problem then just key in your problem . Hope this helps :)

Joan Said:

Need fun, challenging math projects for 7th and 8th graders...?

We Answered:

Here's a neat site from NASA with some interesting ideas.…

Marion Said:

Give me some math project ideas for middle school which can be prepared using waste products.?

We Answered:

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Kirk Said:

middle school math teachers in new york city?

We Answered:

I could suggest my youngest sister that you are in need with these catgory, shes got the major in mathematics.

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