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Middle School Math Textbooks

Nina Said:

do you guys know any stores that sell middle school math textbooks for studying?

We Answered:

Im sure you can find at least some of these books on amazon they sale a lot of different books, including middle school online text books. They also have a lot of middle school home schooling books. Over the last year they have opened many new book shops and departments within there website, the curriculum vision has really been nice as there prices are the best and cheapest online.

Tina Said:

I dropped out of the eight grade in middle school. How can I go to college?

We Answered:

You are awesome!!! You have already made steps in the right direction. I suggest that you not get caught up in the drinking, gambling and chasing women that is so much a part of the military. If you do you'll come out of it worse than you went in. I'm happy to see you are taking classes to help you along. There are lots of teachers that are here to help you along your course of study. Those that would be more than happy to tutor someone like yourself. Someone wanting to achieve.

I'm happy to see that you have signed up for classes at the Junior College level - now just get your basics out of the way. I'm sure with the knowledge you already have you'll be able to do just that.

Another thing that I'd suggest is that you have money automatically taken out of your pay and sent to a bank in your home town. If you don't have it you won't use it and it will be there for whatever you decide when you get out. Maybe a new car or to advance your education. If you don't have it then your "buddies" won't be able to borrow off of you. (Military suggestions from my husband).

Julian Said:

What is meant by the term: "Powerful Mathematics"?

We Answered:…

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